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A Mind at a Time
by Mel Levine

Recognizing each child's intellectual, emotional, and physical strengths--and teaching directly to these strengths--is key to sculpting "a mind at a time," according to Dr. Mel Levine. But to teachers and parents whose children face daily humiliation at school, the author bellows, "Try harder!" A professor of pediatrics, Levine substantiates his claim that developmental growth deserves the same monitoring as physical growth. Levine incorporates scientific research to show neurodevelopmental systems evolve, interact, and contribute to a child's success in school. Describes how mental processes work, and serve those who struggle. Suggestions for fostering self-monitoring skills and building self-esteem.



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Mary Kay Letourneau -- "Mary didn't take away my childhood. I gave it away by consent. I knew what I was getting into. She knew what we were getting into. I don't feel one bit in my whole entire body that she ever raped me. I don't love her because she's 30 years old and she doesn't love me because I'm 15 years old. We love each other for who we are. "Do I plan to marry her? Yes, I plan to marry her. She's my world, she's my life, and they all know that I have her ring on still, and it's never going to change."

If Loving You is Wrong

Biography:Mary Kay Letourneau - Out

Mass with Mary: The Prison Years -- by Christina Dress, Tama-Lisa Johnson, Mary Kay Letourneau

WA teacher convicted of sexually exploiting minors -- A high school teacher was convicted of 10 counts of sexually exploiting minors. Dennis Peterson, 50, persuaded several teenage girl students at the Sequim Community School to pose nude for photographs he then, in one case, sent to an Internet Web site. Peterson was convicted after a 5 day trial. He faces up to 190 years in prison when sentenced by US District Judge Franklin Burgess in Tacoma, WA on March 15, 2002.

In girls sports in Washington, 159 coaches have been reprimanded or fired for sexual misconduct in the past decade. And 98 continued to coach or teach — as schools, the state and even some parents looked the other way. Read the response about how school districts and the teachers' union tried to keep the records secret.

An investigation found more than 60 instances in the last 4 years of Texas high school and middle school coaches losing jobs as a result of allegations of sexual misconduct involving students or other minors.

Investigating teachers who sexually abuse students.

Out of Bounds: We trust our kids to them every day. But an investigation reveals the relationship between secondary school coaches and students is rife with abuse.

Sex abuse plagues schools for the deaf nationwide -- Rumors of rapes and molestation on campus have been circulating for years among parents of students at the 115-year-old Washington State School for the Deaf in Vancouver, WA. An investigation identified dozens of child rape victims over the past 50 years and raised serious concerns about the residential school's failure to protect children. RED SPRINGS, NC -- The two little boys tried to signal their silent pain, but employees at the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf persuaded both mothers to ignore their fears. SALEM, OR -- First, he won their trust and offered solace to lonely teens. Then, two former students claim, the administrator at the Oregon School for the Deaf demanded sex in return.

Principal Charged With Ignoring Possible Child Abuse -- A San Jose, Calif., principal, Corazon Rodil, at Anne Darling Elementary School has been charged with a misdemeanor for not telling authorities about a teacher at her school who was suspected of molesting students.

Ex-Teacher, Ex-Student Now Together -- Judge Janice Niemi lifted the no contact order against Mark Blilie getting in touch with Toni Pala. Blilie, 45, is the former teacher at Kirkland Junior High School who who was convicted of having a sexual affair with Pala then a 14-year-old student. scours the Internet for news stories related to sex offenders, sex crimes, sexual abuse, legislation and other news of interest.

A Social Commentary -- People fall in love. It's beyond the mind. That's what makes "Romeo and Juliet" a great play. Here, our Calvinist society thinks it has a shaping role to play in what otherwise could be a chapter in an anthology of great love affairs. How odd this romance is to the rest of us.

Edward Fischer -- Admitted to having victimized at least 39 boys during his 40-year teaching career, a judge sentenced former teacher Edward Fischer to 20 years in prison in connection with 13 sexual-abuse charges. Mr. Fischer admitted to having victimizing at least 39 boys, including more than 20 from Porter-Gaud, during his 40-year teaching career. Mr. Fischer worked as a physical science teacher and athletics adviser from 1972 to 1982. After that, he worked for other private schools and a public high school in Charleston.

Beth Friedman 42, -- Faced up to 76 years in prison for having a sexual relationship with her 15-year-old student, Donald Vaden. The Hollywood, FL woman is accused of using sex, drugs and cash to keep Vaden in the relationship even though he was a minor at the time. Acquitted of all except a misdemeanor charge on 12-21-01

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Crimes of Passion-Pamela Smart -- She was a teacher at a New Hampshire high school. He was her 15-year-old student. Their relationship turned from innocent friendship to deadly romance. The 90s tragic and sordid tale of Pamela Smart and Bill Flynn. Smart used sex and lies to manipulate the teen into killing her husband. When he pulled the trigger, the story exploded into the news nationwide.

Child and Youth Security Sourcebook: Basic Information for General Readers About Protecting Children and Youth (Security Reference Series) by Chad T. Kimball
Reports show 1 in 5young people are afraid of attending school because of potential threats. 7 out of 10 crimes committed against young people occur at school, home, neighborhood, nearby parks and playgrounds. Many face threats of abuse at home. Special sections cover statistics, recovery programs for young victims of violence, a glossary of related terms, and resources for further information.

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