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Hobbies - The Bible, Hunting, Swap Meets, Dirty jokes, Beer & Prostitution

Friends and coworkers said Gary Ridgway talked regularly of visiting Portland and Vancouver, BC.

His second wife said he was "fanatical" about religion from about 1976 until at least 1980. Others also claimed he was a religious fanatic well after that time as well.

He was often seen working in his yard, chopping wood, and washing his truck.

He would hunt and fish along Star Lake, where another cluster of Green River bodies was discovered.

Ridgway attended the Midway Drive-in weekend flea markets in Kent. "He didn't say a lot, but I'm the type who's friendly," said a vendor at Midway. He was quiet, with his hands in his pockets.

Over the past 12 years, he saw Ridgway a couple of times a month. Ridgway would buy tools.

A former police officer, he told Ridgway about investigating crimes, they even discussed the Green River killings. He even explained the improved DNA technology, they would catch the Green River Killer to Ridgway.

"It was stirring something in him. He seemed interested in what I was saying. There was something on that guy's mind." Ridgway seemed eager to talk about the topic, but didn't seem suspicious.

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