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The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crime: The Biggest and Best Collection of Unsolved Murder and Mystery Casestc -- Roger Wilkes -- This compelling volume presents thirty-five of the most intriguing crime cases that still defy solution, as reported by leading authors and journalists in the field of crime writing. Expanded and updated, this new edition of The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crime includes such recent cases as British backpacker Peter Falconio, lost in the Australian outback, and reporting as perse as Colin Wilson's look at the Zodiac Killer of California and Russell Miller's examination of the ongoing obsession with LA's Black Dahlia Killer, to Sydney Horley on the woman who was cleared of murdering her husband and went on to become a Broadway star, and Philip Sugden on that most mythic criminal enigma of them all, Jack the Ripper. Nearly all the cases involve one or more acts of murder, and all are left with a question mark hanging over them—real-life whodunits that offer a continuing challenge to all who find fascination in the criminal mind.

One strange day in a quintessential small southern town, Alvin Ridley reported the death of his wife in the early hours of the morning--a wife nobody in Ringgold, Georgia, knew that he had. With a reputation for paranoid and reclusive behavior, Ridley lived with his wife Virginia in a dilapidated house on the edge of town for 30 years without anyone knowing she existed. Did she die suddenly in her sleep as a result of an epileptic attack, or had she been suffocated by a pillow?

A Cold Case by Philip Gourevitch -- Frank Koehler was only 15 when he shot a friend in the back for double-crossing him. That's the sort of guy he was--violent, Mob-connected, and remorse-free. In the same rough-and-tumble postwar neighborhood on Manhattan's West Side lived a very different young man: Andy Rosenzweig, rigorously straight and determined to become a policeman at a time when cops were more likely to be taking naps or bribes than nabbing criminals. Years later, in 1970, Koehler murdered two men after an argument in a restaurant. One of the victims was a friend of Rosenzweig's. It was a straightforward case, but in a typical show of the NYPD's ineptitude, the case was closed when someone decided to declare Koehler dead, allowing him to slip away.

Burned Alive - Tommy Antonakos was a wealthy computer expert devoted to his 20-year-old daughter Kimberly. But early in 1995, Kimberly disappeared - she was never seen alive again. This is the story of one father's long search: for his child's killer; for justice; and for some kind of peace of mind.

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In Paris, Illinois, Karen Spesard, 24, was an office assistant at a factory when she married Dyke Rhoads, a landscaper, in 1986. Dyke and Karen Rhoads were found dead July 6, 1986, after an early morning fire engulfed their home. The couple was stabbed over 50 times murdered prior to the fire. Two men were convicted of the crime: Herb Whitlock, 41, a part-time construction worker and drug dealer, and Randy Steidl, 35, also worked in construction. Prosecutors said the motive was a drug deal gone bad. Both convictions have since been overturned.

Who did kill Wendy Sewell? -- -- Over 30 years Wendy Sewell, typist, was was savagely attacked in a graveyard. She died in a hospital several days later. The former newspaper editor campaigned for the release of Stephen Downing after he was wrongly jailed for 27 years for the murder, says he has "a very good idea" who the real killer was.

Robert Blake Murder Case -- Actor Robert Blake, star of the 1970s series "Baretta," loses the civil suit against him and is held financially liable for the murder of his wife.

Psychic Detectives -- Cases that leave the authorities desperate. No leads, no witnesses, nowhere for police and loved ones to turn, except their last resort,: psychics. Can they really crack a homicide case by holding the victim's picture? Find a missing fashion model in a park the size of Rhode Island? Locate a kidnapped woman who can only survive 48 hours without her medication?

Sharon Marshall, a gifted student in Georgia in the 1980's lived alone with her father, Warren. Only her name wasn't Sharon and Warren wasn't her father. He was a murderous felon named Franklin Delano Floyd who kidnapped Sharon when she was a toddler and raised her as his daughter. Who was she?

June 23, 1996, the remains of a petite blonde. Karina Holmer, 20, a Swedish nanny from Dover, MA., were found in a dumpster. A man rummaging through trash found her strangled torso cut in two, and washed in a garbage bag. Her lower half was not found in. The Boston Police Homicide Unit places the her near that area between 3:30 am and 4:00 am on the June 22nd in an alley outside Zanzibar, a nightspot near Boston Common, where she was with friends.

Jennifer Servo, a 22-year-old newscaster was bludgeoned to death in her Abilene, Texas apartment September 2002.

Joyce Chiang -- Joyce worked for California Congressman Howard Berman while attending law school in the evenings at the Georgetown University Law Center. Joyce was student body president at Smith College and a member of the Board of Trustees of Georgetown Law School. After graduating, she worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. At the age of twenty-eight, Joyce disappeared on the night of January 9th, 1999. Joyce was last seen earlier in the evening when a friend dropped her off at Starbucks. She planned to walk four blocks home. She never made it. Her body was discovered several months later in the Potomac River. The Joyce Chiang Memorial Scholarship was established by the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium, with the support of Joyce's family.

Psychics Helping Police Solve Crimes

Several law enforcement agencies and the loved ones of 90 murder victims from New Mexico are reaching out for your help. These cases are unsolved or are in need additional information to make arrests.

SF Bay Area Missing Person Timeline

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Digna Ochoa was found on October 19, 2001, in her office, dead with 2 bullet wounds shot at point blank range. An anonymous note threatened human rights activists. Ochoa, a former nun defended poor farmers and accused guerrilleros. As a teenager, she was tortured< by Veracruz police in for her political activities, the target of death threats, and kidnapped. They are after me but I will not live in fear.

On the morning of July 16, 1998, Barry Scott Brewster, 26, was found dead. His nude, brutally beaten body was under a bridge in Albuquerque, NM.

There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the Julie Anne Wills slaying. Why didn't her dog bark that night? Why didn't anyone hear her?

Keith, 24, and Patrice, 28 Harrington were murdered in their bed on August 19, 1980, after 11:05 p.m. in the gated community of Niguel Shores, Laguna Niguel, CA. On August 21, at 6:30, Keith's father, Roger Harrington, discovered their bodies bound with ligatures. Patti was sexually assaulted. They were bludgeoned to death.

Marjorie West disappeared on Mother's Day 1938 without a trace. Today the mystery continues with a nationwide search for the woman who was stolen and possibly taken into the southern or southwestern US.

Jon Benet Ramsey -- DNA Rules Out Parents!

The Murder of Kurt Cobain by John Philpin, Forensic Psychology, exlcusively for KariSable.com.

Murder In Hollywood: Solving A Silent Screen Mystery -- For more than eighty years, the famous unsolved murder of William Desmond Taylor, the legendary bisexual film director, has generated extensive debate and controversy. Now, best-selling author Charles Higham has solved the covered-up crime at last. Murder in Hollywood unveils the astonishing corruption and intrigue of Los Angeles in the Roaring Twenties--and the film industry moguls' complete domination of the city's authorities. When it was discovered that a famous star of the day had probably killed Taylor, a massive cover-up began--from the removal of crucial evidence to the naming of innocent people as killers--which has continued until now to protect the truth.

Someone Cry for the Children: The Unsolved Murders of Oklahoma and the Case of Gene Leroy Hart by Michael and Dick Wilkerson

Unsolved Mysteries of World War II (1998)

Haunted by the Spirit by Raffaele J. Bibbo, Diane M. Marobella -- This is about an unsolved murder committed on August 16, 1967, in the City of Waltham, MA . The partially clad body of Doris A. Johnson, 48-year-old woman was found with no shoes on with her silk stockings wrapped around her neck, strangling he. As the story unfolds it will hold you in suspense as it leads up to the murder. According to police, this case is considered a "cold case" (unsolved to date). You be the judge. Is this case still unsolved or has it been resolved 33 years later? The authors received their information in 1984 through a séance in which an unknown entity shouted, "This body murdered me!" At a later date, the voice was identified to be Doris Johnson. Did the deceased control the killer into a confession 33 years later, or was the killer's guilt overcome by its own spirit into revealing the truth.  

City Confidential - Soho: The Art Of Murder September 8, 1985, Ana Mendieta plunged to her death from the 34th floor apartment she shared with her famous husband in Soho. Ana and her husband, sculptor Carl Andre, were fixtures in the hip scene. But when Ana discovered that Carl having affairs, they exploded into a heated argument. Carl's nose and arm were scratched enough to bleed, and a doorman on the street below heard a woman screaming "No, no, no, no, don't." Seconds later, Ana's body crashed onto the roof of a delicatessen. From Carl's call to 911 to the clever legal strategy that exonerated him despite circumstantial evidence suggesting murder.

21st Century Complete Guide to the National Institute of Justice and the US Marshals Service of the US Justice Department: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), DNA, Forensic, and Cold Case Investigation, Homeland Security and Terrorism (Core Federal Information Series CD-ROM) by US Government This CD-ROM provides full coverage of the National Institute of Justice; US Marshals Service; Crime Scene Investigation (CSI); DNA Testing and Research; Forensic and Cold Case Investigation; Technology and Criminal Investigation; Homeland Security and Terrorism Incident Investigation, illustrated with color photography, tables, charts, and graphs.

The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers by Daniel L. Schacter -- When we focus our attention on one aspect of our surroundings, we draw attention away from others: If you were watching a circle of people passing a basketball and someone dressed in a gorilla costume walked through the circle, beat his chest, and exited, you would notice him immediately. Researchers filmed such a scene and showed it to people asked to track the movement of the ball by counting the passes made by one team. About half the participants failed to notice the gorilla. Schacter weaves clinical stories and frontline research. Recent advances in brain imaging have boosted his field and yielded discoveries.

Handbook of Polygraph Testing by Murray Kleiner (Editor)

Advances in Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry: Vol. 1 (Advances in Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry) by Robert W. Rieber (Author)

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Blood Justice In 1991, flight attendant Nancy Ludwig checked in to an airport hotel near Detroit. The next morning she was found gagged, raped, and tortured-her throat slit with such rage that she was nearly decapitated.

Faces Of Evil -- Follow the nine-year-old girl who sees and helps catch her mother's killer, the pregnant blind woman who identifies and aids in the capture of her rapist and the hero cop whose deathbed description leads police to his killer. Lois Gibson is a twenty-two-year veteran forensic artist with the Houston, Texas police department and affiliated with the FBI and U.S. Marshall's Service.

Cracking Cases: The Science of Solving Crimes by Henry C. Lee, Thomas W. O'Neil, and Charles D. Gill- - Includes the OJ Simpson case, where Dr. Lee's scrutiny of blood evidence revealed Los Angeles Police Department missed blood drops on Nicole Simpson's back, a second footprint of a possible assailant, and the physical unlikelihood Simpson climbed a fence. The "Wood chipper murder" a pilot killed his wife, then ground up her body. Ed Sherman an English professor attempted to cover up the time of his wife's death by turning up the air-conditioning and claiming he was away sailing. In the Mathison murder, a seasoned Hawaiian police sergeant ran over his wife after a quarrel. Police sergeant MacArthur staged his wife's suicide. Dr. Lee gained respect through his testimony in the OJ Simpson trial.

The World's Most Mysterious Murders by Lionel Fanthrope, Patricia Fanthorpe The murders of Sir Harry Oakes in 1943, one of the richest men in Canada, and Christine Demeter, found dead in a blood-soaked garage in Mississauga in 1973 -- remain unsolved. In fact, history is full of unsolved murders. Who killed King William Rufus, Edward II, and the Princes in the Tower? Who was Jack the Ripper? Was James Hanratty really guilty of killing Michael Gregson? These mysteries and more are contained in The World's Most Mysterious Murders.

Killers on the Loose: Unsolved Cases of Serial Murder by Mendoza Antonio -- Authorities estimate that there are 35 - 50 serial killers on the loose in the US - with new reports of suspected serial killers constantly surfacing all over the globe. According to an FBI Behavioral Unit study, serial killing has climbed to an almost 'epidemic proportion'. This is the first look at serial killers at large, from one of the world's foremost authorities.

Baffling Murder Mysteries: Famous Unsolved Homicides by Marilyn Morgan A collection of murders involving popular celebrities, famous investigators, or serial killers. Morgan provides commentaries as to why these crimes were committed and how the perpetrators got away with it -- famous homicide cases involving Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa, George "Superman" Reeves, and Bob "Hogan's Heroes" Crane.

Haunted by the Spirit by Raffaele J. Bibbo, Diane M. Marobella -- An unsolved murder committed on August 16, 1967, in Waltham, MA . The body of Doris A. Johnson, a 48-year-old woman was found with with her nylons wrapped around her neck. According to police, this case is unsolved. The authors received information in a 1984 séance.

Essentials of Forensic Psychological Assessment

Great Unsolved Crimes by A. J. Cronin


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