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Someone Cry for the Children: The Unsolved Murders of Oklahoma and the Case of Gene Leroy Hart by Michael and Dick Wilkerson

Sleep My Little Dead: The True Story of the Zodiac Killer by Kieran Crowley

21st Century Complete Guide to the National Institute of Justice and the US Marshals Service of the US Justice Department: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), DNA, Forensic, and Cold Case Investigation, Homeland Security and Terrorism (Core Federal Information Series CD-ROM) by US Government This CD-ROM provides full coverage of the National Institute of Justice; US Marshals Service; Crime Scene Investigation (CSI); DNA Testing and Research; Forensic and Cold Case Investigation; Technology and Criminal Investigation; Homeland Security and Terrorism Incident Investigation, illustrated with color photography, tables, charts, and graphs. Privately-compiled collections of official public domain US government files and documents - not produced by the federal government. Over 54,000 allowing direct viewing on Windows and Apple Macintosh systems.

Handbook of Polygraph Testing by Murray Kleiner (Editor)

Advances in Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry: Vol. 1 (Advances in Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry) by Robert W. Rieber (Author)


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Elizabeth Short - January 15, 1947, 22 year-old Elizabeth Short's naked body was found in a lot. Her nude, mutilated body was severed in half at the waist, drained of blood and washed clean. Elizabeth came to Hollywood from Massachusetts to be a star. Because her hair and clothes were always jet black, she was known as "The Black Dahlia."

Lizzie Borden - Fall River, Mass woman accused of killing her father and her stepmother with an ax on Aug. 4, 1892.

Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London 31st August 1888 and 9th November 1888. The killer was tied to the deaths of at least 5 prostitutes, but was never brought to justice.

October 30th 2002, Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay was murdered at a New York recording studio.

Jam Master Jay: The Heart of Hip-Hop by David E. Thigpen Jam Master Jay gained worldwide acclaim in the early days of rap. As 1/3rd of Run DMC, Jay worked the turntables into a sound that combined hard-rock with slamming street rhythms. Respected both as an artist and as a devoted family man, until a murderer's bullet stopped the music forever. An urban cultural icon whose popularity introduced a new sound that would soon grow into a movement unmatched in the history of American music. Featuring interviews with Jay's surviving Run DMC bandmates, friends at Def Jam Records and those who knew him from the neighborhood when he was Jason Mizell while exploring the act of violence that took his life.

UnGodly: The Passions, Torments, and Murder of Atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair

January 16, 1987 Atlanta socialite Lita Sullivan<, 36, estranged wife of millionaire James Sullivan, opened the door to accept a delivery of roses. A gun emerged from behind the flowers and Lita was dead, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head. In the middle of nasty divorce proceedings to end an 11 year marriage, Lita, was scheduled to testify in court that day. Police suspected James Sullivan of arranging the murder.

February 28, 1986, Olof Palme, Swedish Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party was gunned down on a Stockholm street. While there are theories about who could have been behind the murder, the identity of the culprit remains a mystery.

The Mysterious Death of Thelma Todd -- Thelma, aka the "Ice-Cream Blonde' and "Hot Toddy" to her friends, was a popular actress, appearing in over 40 movies between 1926 and 1935. She is most remembered for her comedic roles in Marx Brothers movies. She dated Charles "Lucky" Luciano, a prominent mobster. December 16, 1935 she was found dead in her parked car, slumped over in the front seat of her chocolate-colored 1934 Lincoln Phaeton convertible, in a two-car garage near her married lover's Pacific Palisades cliff-side mansion. Thelma Alice Todd was born on July 29th 1905 in Lawrence, MA.

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The Death of Mary Pinchot Meyer -- October 12, 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer, 43, a Washington, DC area artist was gunned down on a towpath in Georgetown. The death brought much criticism towards Washington's Metropolitan Police Department for its inability to protect the public, but it was the events before and after her murder which have kept Mary's death a concern. Jim Marrs's book, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, lists Mary Pinchot Meyer's death as one of the mysterious deaths associated with the John F. Kennedy Assassination.

DB Cooper - the lone hijacker who got away with &200,000 in cash by hijacking and parachuting from a commercial airplane - never to be seen again. New evidence in the case leads to new theories, 40 years later.

Dr. Sam Sheppard was convicted of his wife's murder in 1954. -- Famous New Jersey unsolved murder: Hall-Mills 1922 -- Eleanor Mills, 34, was in a red polka-dotted blue dress, with a blood soaked, brown silk scarf around her neck as she lay at her lovers side. Reverend Edward W. Hall, 41, hat covered his face had his arm under Eleanors shoulder. Scattered between them were torn up letters and cards. He was the the pastor of the Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist in New Brunswick, New Jersey; his wife was Frances Noel Stevens, heiress of Johnson & Johnson. Eleanor Mills was a singer in the church choir, her husband the sexton at St. Johns.

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