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Great Unsolved Cases by Arnold Madison

Solved ; And, Unsolved: Classic True Murder Cases by Richard Glyn Jones

Unsolved Crimes by Thomas H. Flaherty (Editor), Laura Foreman (Editor)

Someone Cry for the Children: The Unsolved Murders of Oklahoma and the Case of Gene Leroy Hart by Michael and Dick Wilkerson

Sleep My Little Dead: The True Story of the Zodiac Killer by Kieran Crowley

21st Century Complete Guide to the National Institute of Justice and the US Marshals Service of the US Justice Department: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), DNA, Forensic, and Cold Case Investigation, Homeland Security and Terrorism (Core Federal Information Series CD-ROM) by US Government This CD-ROM provides full coverage of the National Institute of Justice; US Marshals Service; Crime Scene Investigation (CSI); DNA Testing and Research; Forensic and Cold Case Investigation; Technology and Criminal Investigation; Homeland Security and Terrorism Incident Investigation, illustrated with color photography, tables, charts, and graphs. Privately-compiled collections of official public domain US government files and documents - not produced by the federal government. Over 54,000 allowing direct viewing on Windows and Apple Macintosh systems.

Handbook of Polygraph Testing by Murray Kleiner (Editor)

Advances in Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry: Vol. 1 (Advances in Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry) by Robert W. Rieber (Author)

Serial Killers

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Unsolved Serial Killings

In 1978, Saint Cloud, Minn a murderer killed Bill Huling's family and left him for dead. Now, more than 20 years later, there are clues that lead to a serial killer.

Juarez slayings report: incompetent police but no serial killer. 10 years of murder, 300 hundred women and girls dead. No credible arrests.

Slaughter Night in Moscow by John Philpin -- Between dusk on July 21, and dawn, July 22, four women were murdered on the streets of Moscow. The total number of victims all women stands at ten since July 1. Does this city of ten million, capitol of the Russian Federation, have a serial killer preying on its women? Or does it, as some locals insist, have two serial killers at work? Or, as the police suggest, are two killers insufficient to accomodate all the victims who, they say, have little in common.

The Return of BTK - When the Killer Came Back -- The serial killer strangler who terrorized Wichita during the 1970s with seven murders is claiming responsibility for an eighth slaying and is believed to be in Wichita.

A Serial Killer's Work, Or Mere Coincidence?

Case Study: Stopping a Serial Sniper -- During the summer of 1994, the Suffolk County Police Department with 2,663 sworn members, faced a series of sniper attacks .

An unidentified serial killer preyed on 4 California coastal communities from 1979 to 1986 murdering 10 people. These crimes spanned 3 counties and 4 law enforcement jurisdictions. DNA links 6 murders; the Method of Operation links the other 4.

Cleveland Torso Killer killed at least 16 people in the 1930s, but was never caught, despite the efforts of federal agent Elliot Ness.

Torso: The Story of Eliot Ness and the Search for a Psychopathic Killer by Steven Nickel
In the Wake of the Butcher: Cleveland's Torso Murders

by James Jessen Badal
-- During the Depression, the area known as Kingsbury Run on Cleveland's near East Side was filled with the unemployed and homeless who set up shantytowns. It was also the site where the gruesome remains of some of the Torso Killer's victims were found. Sifting through hundreds of original documents, police files (including the previously unseen files of the case's chief investigator Peter Merylo) and coroner's reports, and conducting interviews with surviving primary sources, Badal pieces together the chain of murders and the investigation that ultimately came up short. Illustrated with maps, rare crime scene and morgue photographs, and newspaper photos.

The Zodiac Killer in the San Francisco area is believed to be responsible for 37 lives in the late 1960s and early 1970s. His identity has never been confirmed. Some suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, a convicted child molester from Vallejo, Calif., who died in 1992 at age 58. Donna Lass, 25, worked as a nurse at the Sahara hotel in Stateline, Nevada and was by all accounts a "good girl". On Labor Day, September 6, 1970, Ms. Lass disappeared and some believe she was abducted from work by the Zodiac Killer.

The Southside Slayer killed up to 20 prostitutes in the Los Angeles-area in the mid-1980s. No one was charged. The crimes stopped in 1987.

1975 - 1990, at least a dozen young women were the victims of unsolved homicides in the New Haven, CT area. Authorities believe 7 may have been killed by one man. Detectives received tips about a man named Roosevelt Bowden and his link to the old unsolved murders. A violent man, in 1978, he fatally stabbed his daughter, Tabitha,1. Prosecutors agreed to a plea bargain for manslaughter carrying a maximum of 15 years in prison. By July 1986, Bowden was out on parole.

A call from a truck driver brought state troopers to a rest stop on Route 8 on a November morning in 1986. They found what was left of the body of Jack Franklin Andrews, 26. He had been chopped apart and sexually mutilated. His torso and arms were wrapped in a quilt and garbage bags and left on a snow bank. His legs, head and penis were never found. Detectives now think Andrews was the victim of a serial killer.

An unidentified serial killer preyed upon 4 California coastal communities from 1979 to 1986 murdering 10 people. These crimes spanned 3 counties and 4 law enforcement jurisdictions. DNA links 6 murders; the Method of Operation links the other 4. There may be more.

DNA and other forensic evidence suggests Albert DeSalvo, the "Boston Strangler," wasn't involved with the 1964 murder of Mary Sullivan, 19, believed to be the 11th victim of the Boston Strangler. January 4th, 1964, Sullivan's 2 roommates found Mary dead, strangled with a stocking. Investigators say this raises doubts about whether DeSalvo killed any of the women he confessed to strangling.

A Rose for Mary: The Hunt for the Real Boston Strangler
Mary Sullivan, 19, was the last, and youngest, victim in the Boston Strangler case that riveted the nation in the early 1960s. 14 months after Mary's brutal killing on January 4, 1964, handyman Albert DeSalvo, in jail on an unrelated sexual assault charge, told authorities he was the Boston Strangler and confessed to the gruesome murders of 14 women. DeSalvo, was stabbed to death in prison while serving time for a different crime. He was never charged with any the killings because no physical evidence linked him to the slayings. Many investigators and psychiatrists discounted his implausible and coached confession. The Sullivan family never believed he murdered Mary. Mary's nephew, Casey Sherman, exposes the truth behind her death and unravels the mysteries surrounding the Boston Strangler. Drawing on interviews with major figures in the case and exhaustive research, Sherman reexamines the crime scenes, initial police investigations, prime suspects, and DeSalvo's confession tapes, which have never been made public. He reveals the political motivations of the Boston Strangler Task Force and uncovers the role of flamboyant defense attorney F. Lee Bailey in manipulating DeSalvo's confession. Sherman also presents new DNA evidence, and discloses how his reinvestigation led to an alliance with the DeSalvo family, battling law enforcement officials in Massachusetts to exonerate DeSalvo and reopen Mary Sullivan's unsolved murder. Sherman's his decade-long search for justice unmasks his aunt's real murderer and provides new revelations about notorious Boston Strangler serial killings.

Chicago's unsolved murder mysteries -- September 18, 1966, Valerie Percy had been working on her father's campaign for the US Senate. The murderer was a stranger who broke into the Percy mansion, committed his crime and disappeared into the night. December 1996, Nan Toder, visiting the Chicago area from Florida was cut, strangled and beaten to death in her Crestwood hotel room. Karyn "Cookie" Kupcinet, daughter of the Sun-Times gossip columnist was beginning a Hollywood career when an unidentified assailant strangled her to death in her Los Angeles apartment. Lisa Kopanakis, Gus Raftoponlos, Patricia and Barbara Grimes, Judith Mae Anderson, Sherry Gordon, and Theresa Hall ... If none of these names ring a bell, surely you recall the Brown's Chicken and Seafood in Palatine, where 7 employees were gunned down one January night for just over $1,000 out of the cash register, their bodies left in the freezers.

Ice Box Murders - HOUSTON, TEXAS - Father's Day, June 20, 1965, A day of celebration for many residents in Houston, Texas. It wasn't a likely location for Houston's most grisly double homicide. But on that date, two elderly residents of 1815 Driscoll Street, Fred C. Rogers 81, and his wife, Edwina H. Rogers 72, were murdered. Three nights later their mutilated, dissected bodies were found in the kitchen refrigerator of their home by 2 Houston police officers. 35 years later no arrest has been made in the case. (Excerpts from "The Ice Box Murders" (c)2000 Hugh E. Gardenier, III and Martha Leonard Hughes)

Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London 31st August 1888 and 9th November 1888. The killer was tied to the deaths of at least 5 prostitutes, but was never brought to justice.

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The World's Most Mysterious Murders
by Lionel Fanthrope, Patricia Fanthorpe
Most unsolved murders have no apparent motives -- or too many motives. The murders of Sir Harry Oakes in 1943, one of the richest men in Canada, and Christine Demeter, found dead in a blood-soaked garage in Mississauga in 1973 -- remain unsolved. In fact, history is full of unsolved murders. Who killed King William Rufus, Edward II, and the Princes in the Tower? Who was Jack the Ripper? Was James Hanratty really guilty of killing Michael Gregson? These mysteries and more are contained in The World's Most Mysterious Murders.

Killers on the Loose: Unsolved Cases of Serial Murder by Mendoza Antonio -- Authorities estimate that there are 35 - 50 serial killers on the loose in the US - with new reports of suspected serial killers constantly surfacing all over the globe. According to an FBI Behavioural Unit study, seerial killing has climbed to an almost 'epidemic proportion'. This is the first look at serial killers at large, from one of the world's foremost authorities.

Mysterious Persons in History: Baffling Cases of Unsolved Mysteries by Fred Neff
There are stories on Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, Sir Harry Oaks, Napoleon Bonaparte, Dr. Sam Shepard, William Taylor, The Black Dahlia and John Dillenger.

Baffling Murder Mysteries: Famous Unsolved Homicides
by Marilyn Morgan
A collection of murders involving popular celebrities, famous investigators, or serial killers. Morgan provides commentaries as to why these crimes were committed and how the perpetrators got away with it -- famous homicide cases involving Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa, George "Superman" Reeves, and Bob "Hogan's Heroes" Crane.

Great Unsolved Crimes by A. J. Cronin

Still Unsolved: Great True Murder Cases by Richard Glyn Jones (Editor), Richard Glyn-Jones -- An intriguing collection of great true murder cases from writers as diverse as Ngiao Marsh to Nancy Mitford.

Major Unsolved Crimes (Crime, Justice, and Punishment) by Phelan Powell, Austin Sarat (Editor), B. Marvis

Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries by John Austin

Unsolved Mysteries (From the Files of True Detective) by Rose G. Mandelsberg (Editor)

Unsolved: Classic True Murder Cases by Richard Glyn Jones



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