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Profiling Bad Apples Should schools be in the business of predicting violent behavior among students? It's a roll call most school administrators sadly know all too well. American Association of School Administrators

When Students Become Informers -- Student informing, encouraged in American schools especially after the Columbine killings. New technologies, from 800 numbers to e-mail, makes informing easier than ever. Consider the parents of a teenage girl facing $40,000 in legal bills because their child did what officials have been urging them to do: tell school officials if she saw or heard anything suspicious. But the boy and his parents then sued his accuser, her parents, school and Los Angeles county officials. A Superior Court Judge threw out his suit, but the girl's family spent $40,000 in legal fees defending her. The school, which asked her to inform, refused to represent her after she did.

Keep Schools Safe -- Our Youth Violence and School Safety Initiative is dedicated to promoting a mutual response to violent instances occurring in our communities and schools.

An Overview of Strategies to Reduce School Violence ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education Violence


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