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Granite Hills High School

Thursday March 22 5:34 PM Student, Gunman Wounded at School Near San Diego EL CAJON, CA -- A teenager with a shaved head got out of a car, assumed a sniper position and began shooting at students outside a high school in this San Diego suburb on Thursday, hitting at least one person before police shot and injured him, witnesses said. The incident at the 2,900-pupil Granite Hills High School took place less than three weeks after another student killed two students and injured 13 others in a gun rampage at Santana High School, just 6 miles away. A witness said he heard six or seven shots and then saw students running out of the school via a back entrance, calling on their cell phones for help. A student eyewitness told CNN that the shooter ``clutched down'' in a sniper position and opened fire after getting out of a car. The witness said he fired at least eight shots and reloaded a second time.

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