"Project Broadwater or Boardwater"

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Dennis Rader the BTK Killer

"Project Broadwater or Boardwater"

Rader planned to kill his11th victim, a woman living near Wichita on Oct. 22, 2004, the same day he left a package at a UPS drop box.

"Project Broadwater or Boardwater, I tried to hit on her the day I dropped the Number Two off at the UPS box."

"It was a run, it was a go and everything, but they were working on the roads.... They were working on the curbs. One of those things you don't foresee.... You just do a backup and wait for another day."

"I was going to try it in the spring or fall (of 2005)."

He chose her because she had a routine. She lived close to Wichita.

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