Vicki Wegerle

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Dennis Rader the BTK Killer

Vicki Wegerle

Vicki Wegerle, a 28 year old wife and mother, was a calm, kind, quiet person who never raised her voice. She loved children and enjoyed visiting with other mothers about parenthood. When she became pregnant she began providing child care from her home.

Vicki attended two churches, the Lutheran Church, because it was her faith and a Methodist Church because it was a neighborhood church. She volunteered to watch children in the church nurseries.

Rader called Vicki; "Project Piano" because she loved to play the piano, and he heard her music as stalked her for three week.

September 16, 1986, he changed into his "hit clothes" (clothes he would get rid of afterwards) and drove his car to Vicki’s house a before lunchtime. Carrying a briefcase and wearing a Southwestern Bell hard he posed as a telephone repairman. To scope out the surroundings, he went to nearby homes to inform residents that they would be working on the phone lines.

As Rader approached Vicki's home he heard her playing the piano for her two year old son. She allowed him inside to check her lines. Once inside, using a fake instrument to pretend he was checking the telephone lines, he pulled out a .357 Magnum and ordered her into the bedroom. He told the hysterical mother, begging him to stop, that he was going to tie her up.

"How about my kid?" Lisa asked.

"I don't know about your kid."

When Vicki broke loose from fabric Rader had tied her up with in her bedroom, a loud, intense fight ensued with the outside doors and windows wide open and dogs barking in the yard. Rader said she fought harder than any of his other victims; scratching him on his face and neck.

She prayed as Rader strangled her to death with a nylon socking. When she stopped moving, he rearranged her clothes and took three photos of her.

Because there had been so much noise and because she had claimed her husband was on his way home he left promptly. He threw a few souvenirs into his briefcase, grabbed her car keys, and left in her car. Her car was found the same day two blocks away.

As Bill Wegerle, Vickie's husband was on the way home for lunch when he passed Rader driving his wife's car away from their home. He discovered his wife’s brutalized body when he got home. Vickie died of strangulation before the paramedics arrived.

Rader was disappointed with Vickie’s murder because there wasn't enough time to fully enjoy it.

Her murder had not been conclusively attributed to BTK. Rader did not take credit for the killing until March 2004, when he sent proof of the murder to Wichita Eagle reporter, Hurst Laviana. The package contained crime scene photographs and a copy of Vicki's driver's license. The return address was "Bill Thomas Killman." "BTK"

Vicki had Rader's DNA under her fingernails. In 2004, lab experts linked his DNA to Vicki, Nancy Fox, and the Otero slayings.

Vicki was BTK’s 8th victim.

Rader’s afterlife fantasy for Vicki is, "as one of the bondage slave women."

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