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Victims' families struggle with reminder of murders: John Philpin, a novelist who co-authored a book about the 1990 murders, said when he talked with Rolling on the phone, Rolling attempted to reveal some compassion.

"He made an effort to be very charming," Philpin said. "I very quickly realized everything with this man was a manipulation."

Philpin said Rolling continues to write poetry for his former fiance's Web site and even grants interviews. The persona Rolling has created out of his insinuation of multiple personalities is not consistent with his premeditated crimes he committed.

"There is no history-making going on here," Philpin said. "He works at making his own legend."

Those who knew the victims want to leave Rolling no more chances to speak; no more chances to have his name in the headlines.

The Bullet Meant for Me: A Memoir by Jan Reid -- When Reids friends talk him into coming along to an Austin boxing gym for a workout, he has no idea it will send him down a path that will completely change his life. Inside, in a ring held together with duct tape Reid falls under the spell of the sport. As his skills develop, his relationships with his fellow boxers deepen, especially with the talented young immigrant, Jesus Chavez. Through Chavezs promising career, and his own informal sparring, Reid plunges into the culture of competition. But just when Chavez achieves #1 world ranking, he is deported to Mexico. Reid travels to Mexico City to watch Chavez begin his comeback, when after celebrating Chavezs victory in Mexico City, pistoleros carjack the taxi he is sharing with friends. Abducted at gunpoint Reid took a swing at the gunman and missed. A muzzle flashed, and the bullet struck his spine. In the ensuing scuffle, a bandit fires a bullet that pierces Reids left arm, rips through his abdomen, and lodges itself in his spine, leaving him paralyzed. Reid confronts new struggles the battle to regain the ability to walk, to bolster his marriage, to untangle relationship with Mexico, a country he once loved, and to live with dignity. Inspired by the love and valor of his wife, Dorothy, and daughter, Lila, Reid draws on lessons from the boxing ringphysical conditioning, discipline, controlling frustration, and overcoming fear. Thus begins Reids physical and emotional journey to recover his strength, his masculinity, and his sense of self. Reid examines the effects of his physical disability and offers a portrait of the testosterone driven worlds that collided. Reid shares his discovery of the value of his new perspective on the evolution of Western male culture and machismo.

Americans are fascinated by murders and murderers -- But not by the families of the people who are killed -- An amazingly numerous group, whose members can turn only to one another for sympathy and understanding.

In 1978, when Tim Streett's father, Alan Streett, was stationed in Indianapolis he was 15 years old. On a January night, Tim and his father were shoveling the driveway when 2 young men appeared. One pulled a gun and demanded his father's wallet. "My father said, 'What's going on here?' And then I heard the gun go off." His father fell to the ground. The gunman took Tim Streett's wallet; with a dollar. To reach Tim Streett, call the East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis, 317-849-1261, or send email to [email protected].

Even if there was no prosecution, crime victims can file civil lawsuits against offenders and other responsible parties. The civil justice system does not determine an offenders guilt or innocence. Offenders are not put in prison. Civil courts ascertain whether an offender or 3rd party is liable for the injuries sustained as a result of the crime. If defendants are found liable, courts may order them to pay monetary damages to victims.

Families And Friends Of Murder Victims -- To restore hope and provide a pathway to well-being to those who have lost a loved one to murder and to victims of attempted murder.

MurderVictims.com -- A memorial to innocent victims of violent crime and a source for help for murder victim survivors, information on murder statistics, news items, discussion and Support .

In 2 years, Washington state's corrections department lost nearly $53 million in jury verdicts and settlements to victims or their families. Attorneys and victims' families say the lawsuits should force the state to improve its supervision of dangerous criminals. State officials say there is no way they can guarantee ex-cons won't commit new crimes. What should be done to protect the public from dangerous parolees and minimize lawsuits?

Costs of Crime to Victims - The overall and the average cost of crime to victims for different demographic groups in the US population, by such variables as age, sex, and race. Bureau of Justice Statistics

Murder Victims by Weapons Used

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