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I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility

City Confidential - Gibsonton Gibsonton, a sleepy hamlet near Tampa, Florida, is close to the headquarters of Ringling Brothers Circus, a getaway and safe haven for the denizens of carnival side shows. And until 1992, "The Lobster Boy," Grady Stiles, lived among them. Born with a rare genetic disorder that twisted his hands into claws, he was a sideshow performer. He settled in Gibsonton, with his wife and stepson. But on November 29, 1992, someone put three bullets into Grady's head. Initially, police thought it was a robbery gone awry, but a loose-lipped neighbor bragged that he had been paid $1,500 by Grady's wife and stepson to kill the "Lobster Boy."

A Reason To Live: The True Story of One Woman's Love, Courage and Determination to Survive by Billy Hills, Dale Hudson -- A Reason To Live, takes readers into the lives of members of a family determined to live again on their own terms following victimization by crime. February of 1979, 2 women from Pawley's Island, South Carolina, had the misfortune to cross paths with two outlaws on a day long, drug induced crime spree left 5 dead. Taken at gunpoint from their families during a robbery, the women were raped, shot, and left for dead on a cold and wet dirt road. One of the women survived a shotgun blast to her face. The inspirational story of the survival of Wanda Summers. Wanda summoned her courage despite suffering horrific physical and emotional pain, she stood before her assailant in court; her dramatic and heart wrenching testimony helped persuade a jury to sentence Ronald "Rusty" Woomer to death for the murder of her friend. Confident that due process of law would ultimately render justice, Wanda and Following years of appeals and a last minute stay of execution for Woomer by the US Supreme Court, Wanda faced the prospect of court, 10 years after the crimes, to relive the nightmarish kidnap and assault.


Laci & Connor Peterson

Mia Zapata was on the verge of music stardom when she was murdered. The crime became one of Seattle's toughest cold cases. Police used DNA evidence to tie Jesus Mezquia, 48, to the slaying. Mia's Murder One Of Seattle's Toughest Cold Cases

John Lennon (1940 - 1980) Outside New York's Dakota apartment building on the evening of December 8, 1980, John Lennon, lay hemorrhaging from 4 bullets blasted into his back by Mark David Chapman. His wife Yoko Ono screamed. John Lennon Assassination -- He was a troubled man whose boyhood fascination with one of the world's greatest stars turned into a psychotic obsession. Mark David Chapman was one of John Lennon's biggest fans. Before he killed the superstar, he made sure to get the last autograph Lennon signed. After he fired four shots as Lennon entered Manhattan's Dakota apartment building, he waited for police to arrest him. Six months later, he was sentenced to 20 years to life. Forensic psychiatrists explore Chapman's life, where the line between celebrity worship and stalking blurred.

Cherica Adams -- Nicknamed "Cookie" -- Cherica was as bright and outgoing. At West Charlotte High, she was involved in Students Against Violence Everywhere. She modeled professionally while still in high school. She interned with the Panthers. She started her own company and managed her brother's rap group. When she learned she was pregnant she was ecstatic. In 1997, Rae Carruth, aka Rae Lamar Wiggins, was a $3.7 million first-round draft pick in the NFL. By 2001, he was serving an 18- to 24-year prison sentence for conspiring to kill his eight months pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. In a call to 911, she identified Carruth as the responsible party. She fell into a coma soon after delivering Rae's son, Chancellor Lee Adams, by Cesarean section. She never came out of the coma and died weeks later. During the sentencing hearing, Saundra Adams, Cherica's mother, testified that Chancellor is severely handicapped with cerebral palsy caused by loss of blood and oxygen to his brain. "He is fighting for his life every day," she said. Carruth is serving time at Nash Correctional Institute for conspiracy to commit murder. He is expected to be released in 2018. Michael Eugene Kennedy, 35, was released from from the Charlotte Correctional Center prison in 2011. Kennedy pleaded guilty for his part in the shooting and became a witness for the prosecution. Van Brett Watkins, the shooter, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, discharging a firearm into occupied property and attempting to kill an unborn baby. He is expected to be released in 2048. Stanley Drew Abraham, a passenger, pleaded guilty as an accessory after the fact. He was released in 2001. Carruth's son triumphs over tragedy. Forgiveness and Regret: The Rae Carruth Case 10 Years Later You Tube. Sins Of A Father -- Rae Carruth's son (You Tube).American Justice: Conspiracy to Kill -- The trial. Rae Carruthrc Sports Trivia, Books, Films.

Selena Quintanilla-Perez, a tejana singer at age 23, was on the brink of fame when she murdered.American Justice: Selena - In 1994, Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez powerful vocals, sexy outfits and smile regularly drew crowds of over 60,000 fans, had won her first grammy. Devoted to her family, her brother and sister played in her band that her father managed. Yolanda Salpar claimed to be her best friend and biggest fan.

Conviction in Chandra Levy murder -- A D.C. intern, Chandra Levy,disappeared in 2001. Her affair with Congressman Gary Condit drew speculation about his involvement. A year later, her remains were discovered in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park. In 2011, Ingmar Guandique, 29, a member of the Salvadoran Mara Salvatrucha gang, was convicted on murder with kidnapping and murder with attempted robbery. He was already convicted on two similar assaults in the same park. He was sentenced to 60 years on each count. He maintains his innocence. Finding Chandra: A True Washington Murder Mystery by Scott Higham

Sept. 23, 2002, Rachel Burkheimer, 18, of Marysville, WA was lured to her death by her ex-boyfriend, John Phillip "Diggy" Anderson, aka "Mr. Everything", 20, who planned to kill her with a little help from his friends; John A. "Whit" Whitaker, 22, Jeff S. "Fats" Barth, 22, Tony Williams, 22, Matthew Andreas Durham, 17, Nathan Lovelace, 16, Maurice Rivas, 20, Jeff Barth, 22, and Yusef Kevin Jihad, 32. Jihad led the gang the other co-defendants were in. They robbed drug dealers.They believed Rachel shared gang's secrets with a rival gang. Her friends said she was on Anderson's "hit list"and was beaten, raped and held against her will for three days previously because she dated a rival. Anderson asked her to meet him at Jihad's Everett, WA duplex so they could talk. Anderson grabbed her hair and hit her in the face. Whitaker kicked Burkheimer in the stomach and helped Anderson bind her with duct tape. Whitaker and Anderson then carried her to the garage, stuffed into a duffel bag, and hit with a shovel. The murder of of Rachel Burkheimer,"Northwest Mafia." Jihad's girlfriend, Trissa Conner, discovered Rachel Burkeheimer bound, gagged, sexually assaulted and beaten in her garage, but did nothing to help the victim. Jihad wanted her dead because he feared she would report the assault at his duplex. Whitaker and Durham drove Rachel around before picking up Anderson to go to a gravel pit. Anderson ordered Whitaker and Rivas to dig a grave, and take her clothes and jewelry. Rachel kneeled nude in her grave, praying and begging when Anderson order her to "lie down" in the shallow grave, then shot her so many times that the gun jammed. Durham led authorities to Rachel's body after his arrest and confessed that he knew she would be killed. Anderson and Whitaker were sentenced to life without parole. Jihad was sentenced to 37 years. Durham and Rivas were sentenced to 26 years, Barth 10 years, and Williams was sentenced to nine years in prison. Lovelace was sentenced to 30 days in jail and one year of probation. Trissa Conner was not held accountable for failing to help the victim or report a crime.

Waco, Texas -- in 2003, American college basketball player Patrick Dennehy, 21, was fatally shot by Dennehy's friend and teammate, Carlton Dotson, a junior power forward on the Baylor basketball team. His parents, Valerie and Brian Brabazon; girlfriend, Jessica De La Rosa, and friend, Daniel Okopnyi interviewed. Dotson, 23, was sentenced to 36 years. He will be eligible for parole after serving half the sentence.

Millionaire Boys' Club: In March 2001, college student, Danny Petrole, 21, the son of a retired Secret Service agent, was shot nine times in his car, outside his townhouse in a Manassas, VA. affluent suburb. Owen Barber, 21 told police that Justin Wolfe, 20, hired him to kill Petrole for money and drugs.

The Murder of the Notorious B.I.G. -- Suge Knight, gangster cops and allegations of police cover-up: the shocking story behind LA's most famous unsolved crime and the whistle-blower who wants to set the record straight.

Damning testimony by his brothers, a victim's diary, his own lies. and trail ofevidence convicted Thomas Capano, 46, the once powerful, former Delaware prosecutor, of murdering Anne Marie Fahey, 30 and dumping her body at sea in 1996.

Jesse's Gone -- A young hip hop artist from East Oakland, Jesse Rahim Hall, was killed in a drive-by shooting. Jesses friends and family dedicate this site to the young people like Jesse whose lives have been cut short by violence and those they leave behind.

Nightmare In Napa -- The murders of former beauty queen, Leslie Mazzara, and her roommate, Adriane Insogna, both 26 years in Napa, California.

Murder at the Palladium -- On Thanksgiving night, 1990, at the Palladium nightclub in Manhattan, a bullet hit and Marcus Peterson, 23, a neighborhood football coach and another one wounded Jeff Craig, 31, a former NYC police officer.

Sheila Bellush -- Millionaire Convicted in Murder-For-Hire -- Texas millionaire, Allen Blackthorne, 45, was convicted of arranging the murder of his ex-wife, Sheila Bellush, 35. She who was found by their 13-year-old daughter, shot with her throat slit as her 2-year-old quadruplets crawled in her blood. Case Updates and Overview. -- Every Breath You Take: A True Story of Obsession, Revenge, and Murder Ann Rule Ann Rule, untangles a horrific web of lies that culminated in Sheila's savage murder more than ten years after she left Blackthorne.

Karen Tipton, the mother of two young daughters was brutally murdered in her Decatur, Ala. home in March 1999. Her husband, a prominent doctor, was ruled out as a suspect, and the focus of the investigation shifted to a man arrested weeks after the crime.

In Sept. 2002, Kern County Assistant District Attorney, Steve Tauzer, was found dead in his Bakersfield, Calif., garage stabbed repeatedly in the head.

In June1989, the bodies of Jo, Michelle and Christe Rogers were found in Tampa Bay. This is the story of the murders and the aftermath.

A premeditated parenticide by an adult daughter living with her mother with her boyfriend hiding in the closet.

Theresa Andrews -- On September 28, a woman 9 months pregnant, was reported missing. On the night of October 2, their worst fears were realized when Theresa Andrews' body was found in a shallow grave less than a half mile from her home with her abdomen cut open and the baby removed. Michelle Bica, a neighbor who was caring for the child as her own.

Joie Ruth Armstrong -- Yosemite National Institutes YNI remains deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Joie Armstrong, who was murdered on July 21, 1999 in Yosemite National Park. Carol Sund
Juli Sund

Avery Family -- Cleansing Sacrifice and Blood Atonement - America was shocked by the discovery of the brutal murder of the Avery family in Ohio, by a self-proclaimed prophet, turned madman,Valerie Wilson. Jeffrey Lundgren, the leader of The Family, an RLDS offshoot, was eventually arrested and charged with "five counts of aggravated murder." The idea of a cleansing sacrifice can be traced back to the early history of Mormonism. Brigham Young, the successor to Joseph Smith, taught a similar doctrine called Blood Atonement.

Barry Scott Brewster -- On the morning of July 16, 1998, 26 year old Barry Scott Brewster was found dead. Barry's nude, brutally beaten body was spotted by a jogger that morning under an arroyo bridge on Indian School NE at the edge of Snow Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

James Byrd Jr. Jasper Texas -- A well-known figure who walked everywhere. He was known as "Toe" because his toe had been cut off in an accident. He was on his way home from a party early on June 7, 1998, when he accepted a ride with 3 white men in a pickup.

Clarissa Ann -- Carrie Culberson 22 -- Carrie disappeared in a whirlwind of suspicion aimed at her off again and on again boyfriend. - Vince Doan - Ohio v. Doan - On November 5, 1997, after a day-and-a half of deliberations, a jury recommended that Vincent Doan be sentenced to life in prison without parole. A federal court jury ordered Clinton County to pay $3.75 million to relatives of Carrie.

Ahmed Diallo, 22, -- Unarmed street peddler returned home from selling his wares. Diallo left the apartment for a bottle of juice or something to eat. As he returned he was gunned down at close range by four plain clothes cops who fired 41 bullets.

Anne Scripps Douglas-- Heiress' Mom: Judge Let Abusive Hubby Stay - The mother of murdered newspaper heiress blasted the judge who allowed her daughter's husband to stay in the home after she sought court protection.

Helen Foster-El -- Helen was shot protecting children from gunfire. The man whose home she cleaned eulogizes the housekeeper-turned-local hero whose death has galvanized the city.

Richard D. Garcia 26 -- Garcia, who was murdered in Tucson on Memorial Day Weekend.

Phil Hartman -- My antidepressant made me do it! -- May 28, 2:30 AM, Brynn Hartman returned home from a night out with a friend. As Sean and his sister, Birgen, slept, Brynn shot her sleeping husband 3 times. 4 hours later, Brynn pulled the trigger once more, killing herself.
Phil Hartman's brother John Hartmann speaks out. See Domestic Violence

Maria Cruz, a financial analyst, disappeared in April 2003. She had cosmetic outpatient treatment scheduled with Dean Faillo, an imposter posing as a dermatologist. Her body was found in February 2004.

Helen Virginia Jackson AKA Helen Cooper - LAS VEGAS - Bones found in the yard of an apartment complex have been identified as the remains of a 40-year-old woman missing since 1997.

Teresa Halbach, a freelance photographer, was last seen alive in Wisconsin on October 31, 2005, before leaving for a rural area to take photos for Auto Trader Magazine at Avery's Auto Salvage, owned by the family of Steven Avery, 43. On November 5, 2005, searchers found her SUV at Avery's Auto Salvage yard, hidden under brush and auto parts. Five days later her charred remains were discovered. Avery had served 18 years in prison for a 1985 sexual assault, but was freed in 2003 by DNA evidence. Unreasonable Inferences: The True Story of a Wrongful Conviction and Its Astonishing Aftermath

Patrick Sean Kelly -- An Unexplained Death in Mexico of a 22 year old student in Tijuana.

Sharad Baban Leve -- Leve and some NCP workers were attacked by swords. He died on the spot. He had been elected unopposed in the last Zilla Parishad election. Political rivalry is stated to be the cause of the killing.

Jennifer Levin, 18, was found in New York's Central Park, August 26, 1986. The "Preppie Murder," as it came to be known, created a tabloid frenzy with accusations of rough sex. Robert Chambers was sentenced to 15 years. Ellen Levin, Jennifer's mother, is scared Chambers might kill again.

Jonathan Levin, 31-year-old -- English teacher in one of New York's toughest public schools, has become the latest martyr to violence in our society. His murder, for which two men -- one a former student -- have been arrested.

Gwendolyn Moore and Fred Wilkerson were discovered in two wells.

Holly Maddux -- Holly was a small-town Texas girl from a conservative home. Einhorn, Ira -- In 1979, 18 months after the disappearance of Einhorn's lover, Holly, 30. Philadelphia police entered his rundown upstairs apartment. In a steamer trunk, feet from where Einhorn slept. Detective Michael Chitwood, found Holly's mummified body. Her skull had multiple fractures. Einhorn, 62, spent 20 years on the lam after skipping out on his 1981 trial, while free on bail. When extradited to the US he stood trial again and was found guilty of 1st-degree murder, life in prison without parole. The judge called Einhorn "intellectual dilettante" who "preyed upon the uninitiated, uninformed, unsuspecting and inexperienced." Ira Einhorn, is in Pennsylvania's maximum-security Graterford Prison. The Unicorn's Secret: Murder in the Age of Aquarius by Steven Levy -- Einhorn's rise, from a would-be campus leader during the '60s to a respected ecologist, sociologist in the 1970s. Investigative Reports: Ira Einhorn -- One of the founders of Earth Day, he was a counter-culture icon in the '60s. Powerful allies including current Senator Arlen Spector secured his release from prison before Einhorn fled the country.

Susan Meyung -- July 14, 1992, 38 year old Susan Meyung's body was discovered at her residence in Albuquerque, NM. An autopsy revealed that she had been beaten and strangled to death. Evidence suggests she was killed sometime between Friday, July 11, 1992 and Saturday, July 12, 1992.

Edmond Safra -- The multi billionaire banker asphyxiated in a locked Monte Carlo penthouse bathroom.

Spring Miller -- On January 29, 1988, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Spring Miller and her sister, April, approached an entryway to apartments, they waited for a blue and white truck to leave. The driver grinned and motioned with his hand for them to go on. When Spring and April were in front of the vehicle he accelerated and hit the girls. April recovered. Spring died.

In 1976, Deborah Gardner, a young Peace Corps worker in Tonga was stabbed 22 times by another volunteer. With the help of the US government, Dennis Priven, who went free and lives in New York City.

Stephanie Murphey, 37 -- In April 1999, when Stephanie pulled in to her driveway in Rio Rancho, NM, it was the last time she was seen alive. Her body was found in her car in Albuquerque. Autopsy results showed a probability that she was sexually assaulted.

March 15, 2001, 21-year-old Danny Petrole, son of a retired Secret Service agent, was gunned down near Manassas, Va. A college student, Petrole was shot 9 times as he sat in his car, outside his townhouse. Within days, police traced the murder weapon to a 21-year-old named Owen Barber.

Edwina H. Rogers & Fred C. Rogers -- Ice Box Murders - Houston, TX -- Father's Day, June 20, 1965, was Houston's most grisly double homicide. Fred C. Rogers 81, and his wife, Edwina H. Rogers 72, were murdered. Three nights later their bodies were found in the refrigerator of their home. . (Excerpts from "The Ice Box Murders" (c)2000 Hugh E. Gardenier, III and Martha Leonard Hughes)

Saving Grace: The True Story of a Mother-to-be, a Deranged Attacker and an Unborn Child by Sarah Brady, Patrick Crowley and Eric Deters-- Sarah Brady receives a phone call from another expectant mother named "Sarah Brody." Apparently due to their similar names, gifts meant for Brady were sent to Brody. When Brady retrieves the gifts, she is confronted by Kate Smith. Brady fights back becoming only one of only three people in the US to survive attempted fetus theft.

Sandra Rosas

Edmond Safra - Death of multibillionaire banker in his Monte Carlo penthouse.

Frank Lee Smith died on death row for a crime he didn't commit.

Jennifer Lynn Shirm, 22 -- May 29, 1985 Jennifer was found dead laying in the street. Her body had been dumped in Albuquerque, NM. It is believed that her body had been there for 10 to 12 hours. She had been brutally beaten to death.

Elizabeth Short -- Black Dahlia - January 15, 1947, Elizabeth Short's body was found in a lot. Her nude, mutilated body was severed in half at the waist. Both halves had been drained of blood and washed clean. Short, 22, came to Hollywood to be a star.

Matt Shepard encountered Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney in the Fireside Bar; he left with them, they drove him in a pickup truck to the edge of town. Henderson tied him to a fence, McKinney beat him with a .357 Magnum. They took his shoes and wallet intending to rob his apartment but instead returned to town and got into a fight with Jeremy Herrera and Emiliano Morales. Police picked up Henderson, after being released that night, Henderson, his girlfriend, Chastity Pasley, McKinney, his girlfriend, Kristen Price, hatched false alibis, Matt remained tied to the fence.

Kami Talley -- University student Kami Talley's murder

Brandon Teena Murder -- Brandon Teena, from Lincoln, Nebraska moved to nearby Humboldt in 1993, after beginning to live as a man in preparation for sex-change surgery. Brandon was discovered to be legally female by local police during an arrest on a misdemeanor. Police released this information to the Falls City Journal. One week later, Christmas Day 1993, Brandon was raped and assaulted by 2 men, identified as Marvin Thomas Nissen and John Lotter. Charges of rape and assault were not filed against them until after Brandon's slaying.

All She Wanted by Aphrodite Jones Teena Brandon, a woman who passed herself off as a man and had passionate affairs with young women--until she was murdered. Jones's access to Teena's family, girlfriends, enemies, and convicted killers make this a riveting tale of sexual betrayal and murder.

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The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence
by Gavin De Becker
A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers to help carry a woman's groceries. Is he a good Samaritan or is he after something else? A fired employee says "You'll be sorry." Will he return with a gun? After their first date, a man tells a woman it is their "destiny" to be married. What will he do when she won't see him again? A mother has an uneasy feeling about the nice babysitter she's just hired. Should she not go to work today? These days, no one in America feels immune to violence. But now, in this extraordinary groundbreaking book, the nation's leading expert on predicting violent behavior unlocks the puzzle of human violence and shows that, like every creature on earth, we have within us the ability to predict the harm others might do us and get out of its way. Contrary to popular myth, human violence almost always has a discernible motive and is preceded by clear warning signs.

Hermosa Beach: Missing In Paradise-City Confidential Hermosa Beach is one of Los Angeles' last funky beach towns--a place where the hip, young, rich, and beautiful come together. But, this La-la-land has a dark side. We investigate the murder of Linda Sobeck, a swimsuit model who was murdered by a killer who lurked behind his camera.

Just Another Little Murder
by Phil Cleary In 1987, Phil Cleary's sister Vicky, 25, was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, Peter Raymond Keogh. He was found not guilty of murder and received a manslaughter verdict for which he served 3 years 11 months in jail. Ever since his sister died, Cleary, ex-Federal MP, Victorian Football Coach and media commentator, is obsessed by the injustice of it all.

Stay Alive! Survival Tactics for Hostages by Robert K. Spear

The Relationship Between National Homicide Rates and Medical Care: A Cross-National Assessment
by Don Soo Chon
Noting that "violence is a process and death is only one possible consequence of it," Chon evaluates the argument that medical resources are a predictor of homicide rates, for where medical care is poor, victims of assault are more likely to die and then be listed as a homicide statistic.

Mercy, Mercy Me: The Art, Loves and Demons of Marvin Gaye -- by Michael Eric Dyson -- Twenty years after his murder at the hands of his own father, Marvin Gaye defines the Motown generation. His career spanned the history of rhythm and blues, from doo-wop to the sultriest of soul music, Gaye magnified the contradictions that defined America in the tumultuous 1970s. Marvin Gaye's stellar achievements and stunning personal decline. Through interviews with those close to Gaye--from his musical beginnings in a Washington, D.C., black church in to his days as a "ladies' man" in Motown, from the artistic heights of the landmark album What's Going On? to struggles with addiction and domestic violence, an indelible portrait of contemporary urban America: economic adversity, the drug industry, racism, and the long legacy of hardship. Published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Gaye's death in 1984, infused with Mercy, Mercy Me is a celebration of an American icon and a lost generation's moods, music, and morals.

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