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cover The Charles Manson Murder Trial: A Headline Court Case (Headline Court Cases) Michael J. Pellowski September 1, 2004




cover Justice For Marlys: A Familys Twenty-year Search For A Killer John S. Munday September 27, 2004




cover Kill Grandma for Me James Defelice -- December, 1994, Wendy Gardner, 13, convinced James Evans, 15, her lover, to strangle her grandmother. Wendy took her little sister, stole her grandmother's money, and went on a three-day orgy. One of the most bizarre killings ever committed in New York.

Kill Or Be Killed by Robert Scott

cover Judgment Ridge : The True Story Behind the Dartmouth Murders Dick Lehr September 1, 2004 -- On a cold night in January 2001, the idyllic community of Dartmouth College was shattered by the discovery that two professors had been hacked to death in their own home. Investigators searched helplessly for clues linking the victims, Half and Susanne Zantop, to their murderer or murderers. The residents of Hanover, New Hampshire, speculated endlessly -- could the killer be a disgruntled student? a spurned lover? -- while the grisly nature of the crimes themselves destroyed, perhaps forever, the sanctity and invulnerability of their academic arcadia. By contrast, the hardscrabble community of nearby Chelsea, Vermont, was relatively unaffected. The big news in Chelsea came when the school's basketball star scored his 1,000th point on a Friday, three weeks after the murders. As parents and teenagers streamed into the night to celebrate after the game, a stunning scene stopped them in their tracks. Outside the house of high school senior Robert Tulloch were the flashing lights of a swarm of police cars. His neighbors couldn't imagine what the trouble could be -- a prank gone overboard, perhaps -- but they were confident it was all a misunderstanding that would be sorted out in due course.But they were wrong. The town discovered the incomprehensible reality that Tulloch and best friend Jim Parker, two of Chelsea's brightest and most popular sons, were now fugitives, wanted for the murders of Half and Susanne Zantop. Afterward, their classmates and teachers would admit to noticing subtle changes in Robert and Jim over the previous year. Robert, a former Student Council president, and Jim, a member of the school band and drama club, had been popular kids, benign mischief-makers -- their escapades included breaking into an empty home and raiding the refrigerator. But as their friends thought about college and futures beyond Chelsea, Robert and Jim began plotting a very different life. Split off from their peers, with too much free time and too little structure, normal teenage ambition took, in these two boys, an unthinkably dark and sinister turn. Authors Dick Lehr and Mitchell Zuckoff provide a vivid explanation of murders that captivated the nation, as well as dramatic revelations about the forces that turned two popular teenagers into killers: Could poor parenting, psychological abnormalities, or a community that fails to challenge and engage its young people be blamed? Or was it more complex? Judgment Ridge conveys a deep appreciation for the lives and the devastating loss of Half and Susanne Zantop, while also providing a clear portrait of the killers, their families, and their community -- and, perhaps, a warning to all parents about what evil may lurk in the hearts of boys.




Scottish Hard Bastards by Kate Kray September 1, 2004


Pirate (Eyewitness Books) by Richard Platt -- Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the dangerous and adventurous life of piracy, privateering, and buccaneering. Superb, full color photographs of weapons, ships, flags, maps, and treasure offer a unique and revealing "eyewitness" view of pirate life on the high seas. See a pirate's cutlass and pistols, a letter of marquee - the pirate's license, a hoard of pirate treasure, a real pirate costume and the many different kinds of Jolly Roger. Learn how pirates attacked a Spanish treasure ship, why European kings and queens encouraged piracy, which Caribbean islands were pirate hideouts, what pirate ate at sea and why women pirates disguised themselves as men. Discover what kinds of ship the pirates sailed in, how governments tried to stamp out piracy and why skillful navigation was so important to pirates, and much, much more! September 20, 2004



Global Counterstrike: International Counterterrorism (Terrorist Dossiers) Samuel M. Katz September 1, 2004




Spies: The Undercover World of Secrets, Gadgets and Lies An illustrated guide to the deadly world of espionage. Agents, double agents and multiple agents are vital to waging war successfully and they often help nations avoid war altogether. Spies have affected the outcomes of wars and crucial battles throughout history.Spies exposes the secret successes and public failures of intelligence gathering and operations from ancient times to the current war on terrorism. Using easy-to-follow illustrated case studies and sidebar features, Spies reveals the behind-the-scenes stories of famous spies, international secrets, betrayals and bravery in the long history of spying. The book describes in exciting detail: - The art of spy tradecraft - Techniques spies use to gather and send secrets - Devices used to steal state secrets - How agents survive in hostile environments - Whether or not spies like James Bond really exist. Today, sophisticated digital and space-based technology gathers untold amounts of raw data. Yet far from rendering the spy on the ground obsolete, human intelligence is more vital than ever to separate the truth from the deception. Spies is a factual and fascinating look into a dangerous world where nothing is what it appears to be. David Owen writes extensively on military deception, electronic intelligence, and computer crime. He is the author of Hidden Evidence and Final Frontier. Antonio J. Mendez is a retired CIA agent and author. He is a consultant to the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. and was recognized as one of the CIA's top agents.


The Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime: From Captain Kidd to Mom Boucher by Peter Edwards, Michel Auger September 14, 2004

The Official Forensic Files Casebook: Volume 2, Behind the Crimes Paul Dowling September 1, 2004

Policing Corruption: International Perspectives Rick Sarre September 15, 2004 "This volume presents insight from police practitioners and scholars on the nature and extent of governmental corruption in both more and less developed countries in all regions of the globe. Editors Rick Sarre, Dilip K. Das, and H. J. Albrecht and the notable contributors shed light on the conditions under which corruption flourishes and its far-reaching consequences for individuals' safety and freedom as well as each nation's security, economy, and even sovereignty. Importantly, this volume also presents innovative anti-corruption strategies to be undertaken by governments, international organizations, and the media. Devoting special attention to malpractice within police forces, The Policing of Corruption is an important resource for all who work to undo corruption and its debilitating effects."

cover Gotcha!: Tales from a Black-Belt Bounty Hunter Joseph Laney -- GOTCHA! is an account of the adventures of Joseph Laney, a longtime professional fugitive recovery agent—i.e., a bounty hunter—and martial arts instructor. When tracking and apprehending bail jumpers-from common street thugs to la crème de la scum- Joseph Laney uses his martial-arts-trained hands and feet, conventional weapons whenever necessary, and most of all, his mind, to wend his way through the risky business at hand. With CSI-like attention to detail, GOTCHA! shows the reader not just what Laney does in his pursuit of scofflaws, but how and why he does it, and even why--sometimes--he doesn't. An intriguing mix of true crime and law enforcement narrative, musings on the philosophy of martial arts and the meaning of life, and the reflections of a decent man keeping his compass through situations and places where decency seems irrelevant, GOTCHA! is a fascinating, often humorous, look at the gritty reality of crime and the courts-and the people working both sides of the law. JOSEPH LANEY makes his living as a bail enforcement agent and a certified trainer of police officers. He was formerly a sergeant in the drug enforcement unit of the Sevier County, Tennessee, sheriff's department. He is an 8th-degree black belt and master instructor in Isshinryu karate. His website is CYN MOBLEY is a retired Naval Reserve commander specializing in surface and antisubmarine warfare and a former criminal defense attorney. She is the author of twenty-three books, including Rites of War, Rules of Command, Code of Conduct , and Complete Idiot's Guide to Aircraft Carriers. She devotes much of her time to the rescue and rehabilitation of discarded racing greyhounds and owns a small publishing house that raises money for canine rescue groups . Her articles have appeared in Navy Times, the San Diego Union Tribune, and Celebrating Greyhounds magazine.

cover Blood Justice In 1991, flight attendant Nancy Ludwig checked in to an airport hotel near Detroit. The next morning she was found gagged, raped, and tortured-her throat slit with such rage that she was nearly decapitated. Her husband Arthur never gave up hope that the future would bring enough evidence to close the case. But it was the past that held the clue. In 1985, fifty-five-year old Margarette Eby, a music professor, met the same grisly death at her cottage in Flint, Michigan. The case went cold-until six years later when the victim's son Mark came upon the story of Nancy Ludwig's slaying. With nothing to go on but intuition, he called authorities, certain that the same fiend committed both crimes. A cunning sting operation yielded irrefutable DNA evidence, and authorities were led to the home of respected navy veteran Jeffrey Gorton living quietly with his wife and two children. But his cold-blooded secrets were only beginning to come to light leaving fears that there were more victims yet to be found in a killing spree that had finally come to an end.

cover The Trial of the Police Officers in the Shooting Death of Amadou Diallo: A Headline Court Case -- by Bryna J. Fireside, Amadou Diallo September 1, 2004

Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults (At Issue Series) by Judy Layzell September 1, 2004

Guns & Violence (Current Controversies) Laura K. Egendorf September 1, 2004

Heart Full Of Lies: A True Story Of Desire And Death -- Liysa and Chris Northon seemed the epitome of idyllic lovers when they married on a moonlit beach in Hawaii. Their friends admired the romantic couple: Chris -- tall, athletic, handsome with a thatch of blond hair, a pilot for Hawaiian Airlines -- and Liysa -- attractive, charismatic, seductive, an acclaimed surf photographer, with a tanned, perfect body. Their son, Bjorn, looked just like his dad, and they were raising Liysa's son by a previous marriage. They had beautiful homes on the mainland and in Hawaii. But it wasn't long before Chris saw a side of Liysa that he hadn't glimpsed before. Nothing was quite enough for her -- she wanted more money, more property, and a future that included fame as a Hollywood screenwriter. She complained to her closest friends that her husband was a heavy drinker who beat her. The marriage seemed to be unraveling, but Chris struggled to hold it together, afraid he'd be separated from Bjorn and from Liysa's son, Papako. And then the worst happened. On a sunny morning in October 2000, Chris Northon lay dead in a sleeping bag at a campsite beside a pristine river, while his wife drove four hours to a friend's house, sobbing inconsolably. She appeared to have been beaten, and had a black eye and bruises on her knee. Questions arose that made Oregon State detectives suspicious, yet her family and friends stood staunchly by her, incredulous that anybody would ask such questions. September 28, 2004

cover A Beautiful Child by Matt Birkbeck -- It's the true story of Sharon Marshall, a gifted student in Georgia in the 1980's who lived alone with her father, Warren. Only her name wasn't Sharon and Warren wasn't her father. He was a murderous felon named Franklin Delano Floyd who kidnapped Sharon when she was a toddler and raised her as his daughter. It's a truly remarkable story, one of the most bizarre in the anals of law enforcement and the missing children movement. Who, in fact, was she? September 30, 2004


cover Three Weeks In October: The Man hunt for the Serial Sniper Charles A. Moose -- In this New York Times bestseller, Charles A. Moose-the police chief who led one of the most suspenseful manhunts in American history-takes readers behind the headlines into the notorious "D.C. sniper" case that held the nation spellbound. Charles A. Moose is the chief of police in Montgomery County. Charles Fleming is the author of the national bestseller High Concept and the New York Times bestseller The Goomba's Guide to Life. Fleming has worked as a staff reporter for Variety and Newsweek, and has been a frequent contributor to Vanity Fair, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Premiere, Playboy, Time, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and other publications.

Sniper: Inside the Hunt for the Killers Who Terrorized the Nation SARI HORWITZ -- For more than three weeks, the nation watched in disbelief as Washington, D.C., and its surrounding suburbs were held hostage by anonymous gunmen shooting innocent civilians at random. Sniper is the definitive account of those alleged gunmen, John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, and the massive manhunt that ended with their capture by a heavily armed SWAT team in an early-morning raid at an interstate highway rest stop. Two Washington Post reporters, Sari Horwitz and Michael E. Ruane, retrace the steps of Muhammad and Malvo from their first meeting on the island of Antigua to Malvo's defiant confession in a Virginia jail. Drawing on exclusive reporting about that confession, internal police documents, and a wide range of law-enforcement sources, Horwitz and Ruane track in remarkable detail the murderous trail Muhammad and Malvo are accused of having followed to the Washington area and reconstruct the eerie way in which the two moved invisibly around the nation's capital in the midst of one of the largest police investigations in U.S. history. Horwitz and Ruane also take you inside the police command center where local and state police, joined by the federal government's most experienced crime fighters, worked desperately to stop the killings, unaware that a fundamental error—investigators were wrongly fixated on a white van—was allowing Muhammad and Malvo to slip through the dragnet. We meet FBI negotiators, veteran detectives, forensics experts, prosecutors, and politicians who faced perhaps the biggest challenge of their careers as they confronted frustrating setbacks, logistical nightmares, and the overwhelming pressure of a high-stakes investigation. In a fast-paced narrative that outdoes even the most acclaimed television cop shows, Sniper recounts the extraordinary police work that enabled investigators to quickly exploit the clues handed to them by Muhammad and Malvo that finally led to their arrest. Part gripping drama, part real-life portrait of law enforcement at work, Sniper is also a cautionary tale about the vulnerability of American society in an age of terrorism.


Greed Rage & Love Gone Wrong: Murder in Minnesota BRUCE RUBENSTEIN September 28, 2004

Corruption And Market In Contemporary China by Yan Sun September 30, 2004

Detective Tool Kit (Action Books) September 30, 2004

Students Books

cover The Supreme Court (Watts Library) by Brendan January Ages 9-12 September 1, 2004

Organized Crime (True Crime) Richard Platt September 1, 2004

Poisoning (True Crime) Richard Platt September 1, 2004

Why Do People Commit Crime (Exploring Tough Issues) by Alex Woolf Ages 9-12


Brown V. Boe (American Moments Set II) Alan Pierce Ages 9-12

Is Gun Ownership a Right (At Issue Series) by Kelly Doyle September 1, 2004

Capital Punishment (Current Controversies) Mary E. Williams Young Adult September 1, 2004


How a Bill Becomes a Law(Government in Action!) by John Hamilton Ages 9-12 September 1, 2004

Police Officers (Pull Ahead Books) Shannon Knudsen Ages 4-8 September 1, 2004


Sacco and Vanzetti (Cornerstones of Freedom. Second Series) by Elaine Landau Ages 9-12 September 1, 2004

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