Debra Bonner
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Debra Bonner, 23 - Last seen at South 216th Street, near the Three Bears Motel in late July 1982. The intersection that victims Gail Lynn Mathews and Marie Malavar were last seen in a pick up truck.

In August, her mother received a telephone call telling her Deborah was brutally murdered and found on the banks of the Green River. There was a slaughterhouse on the riverbank, Bonner's body was found there Aug. 12, 1982. 100 yards south, 3 days later and the bodies of Mills, Chapman and Hinds were found.

Shirley Bonner, 72, of Tacoma, says she hopes she will learn what happened to her daughter.

I love her with all my heart and I just wish to God she was alive and here, says Shirley.

She had been in trouble but was close to her family.

The last time Shirley Bonner saw Deborah, was summer of 1982.

I couldnt believe it. I really couldnt believe it and it just seemed like it just seems like I was empty, like my whole body was empty, says Shirley.

Bonner later found out that Deborah was one of 49 women apparently murdered by a serial killer.

``It might hurt, but I'm going to keep watching. I appreciate what they're doing.''

For 20 years she wondered who that person was, and then an arrest was made. When I watched it on TV it just seemed like 20 years back, she says.

Again she saw the news replay old pictures of the bodies being pulled from the Green River.

Police can only connect the suspect to four murdered women, not Deborah, yet.

I dont know, I keep saying if he did it hell pay for it but still, again, I dont know, she says.

Bonner hopes she will live to see someone punished for the crimes.

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