Green River Killer The Victims: Marcia Faye Chapman
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Marcia Faye ChapmanNeighbors at the Puerta Villa apartments near Sea-Tac Airport called the 5'2", 100 LB mother of three children, ages 11, 9 and 3, "Tiny." She also went by Marcia Faye Bradford, Belinda Jean Chapman and Marcie Woodies.

She was described her as cheerful, outgoing and someone who could take care of herself.

"She was a nice girl," neighbor Don Moore told The Seattle Times in 1982. "She would speak to you, stand and talk to you. If she was a prostitute, she was a helluva nice kid."

On Aug. 2, 1982, Chapman's mother reported her missing. "Marcia told kids she was going to store," her mother said in a missing-person report. "Never returned. Never has done anything like this. Good mother."

She was arrested for prostitution in the South King County area 2 months before she was missing. She worked as a prostitute on Pacific Highway South, usually starting out at 5 p.m. She wore blue jeans, a T-shirt and a cap.

Chapman refused to work for a pimp. "Why should I give the money to a man?" Chapman asked a neighbor. "I need it for my kids, not for some man."

Her remains were found August 15, 1982.

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