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Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Testimonies from Our Imprisoned Sisters
by Wally Lamb Women of York Correctional Institution
Collection of stories by 11 women imprisoned in the York Correctional Institution in Connecticut.


The National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) is a project of the Texas Council on Family Violence and provides callers from around the country with information on domestic violence and resources for victims trying to flee an abusive relationship. The hotline offers crisis intervention services and information materials on domestic violence issues.

National Domestic Violence hot line (800) 799-SAFE
New York state domestic violence hot line (800) 621-HOPE
New York City hot line, at (800) 942-6906

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence -- NCADV provide free wireless phones and air time to aid victims and their advocates.

Childhelp USA -- Dedicated to the treatment, prevention and research of child abuse and neglect Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Alcohol Abuse and Crisis Intervention 1-800-234-0246

KidsPeace -- Peace through mental health treatment programs, crisis intervention and public education. 1-800-8KID-123 [email protected]

Sexual Harassment Hotline Resource List -- Deals with sexual harassment on the job or in school settings.


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