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The Vampire Clan

"The Vampire Clan' -- Vampire cult town shrinks under national spotlight Murray, Ky. - For years, this quiet college town was best known as home to the national Boy Scout museum. Now the discovery some of its teens belonged to a vampire cult, 4 area teens are suspected of beating a Florida couple to death and the youths were involved in a strange role playing game that went from the mutilation of animals to drinking each other's blood and eventually to murder. AP

Florida v. Rod Ferrell -- On February 12, 1998, Rod Ferrell, 17, pled guilty to beating to death with a crowbar a Eustis, Florida couple, Richard Wendorf and Naoma Queen. The leader of a teenage vampire cult, Ferrell, was allegedly helped in the double slaying by his girlfriend, Charity Lynn Keesee, and 2 other members of the cult. The victims, parents of Heather Wendorf, a friend of Ferrell's and were beaten to death in their home on November 25, 1996.

Statement by Rod Ferrell 11/28/96 -- Baton Rouge, LA

Mother of `vampire cult' leader pleads guilty -- Sondra , the mother of Rod Ferrell, who police say led the "vampire cult" pleaded guilty to trying to entice a teen-age boy into sex as an initiation rite.

Death sentence for cult leader reduced -- The death sentence of the cult leader, Rod Ferrell, now 20, condemned for fatally beating a Eustis couple, was reduced to life in prison by the state Supreme Court. Florida's high court ruled more than a year ago that the state can not execute killers who committed their crime before age 17. The July 1999 decision said allowing such a rare punishment would be cruel and unusual and therefore unconstitutional. Ferrell, was 16 when he killed.


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