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Our website communities explosive success is creating a financial hardship on this starving student. We will either be forced to close temporarily, permanently or go towards a pay per view model if we do not receive financial support and find cheaper bandwidth. We do not want to do this but we cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month on bandwidth expenses, in addition to the hours we spend keeping up a 500 page site. If this site doesn't receive financial support we will be not be able stay online. Please go directly to the bottom of the page if you would like to help.

Our purpose is to provide free information regarding True Crime and Justice. We continually search for the best resources available (unfortunately online articles tend to come and go -- so keeping content fresh is a constant challenge). Daily people come to our site seeking information on crimes regarding their loved ones. We provide resources and guides for crime victims and families of domestic violence.Dearest to my heart is we provide information about crime victims and missing people (adults and children) and unsolved crimes. There are so many unknown victims and missing people that go unnoticed by the media. Their families do not have the money or connections to access the media and their victims are never known or soon forgotten by most people.

Many criminal justice students and their instructors have told us that they use this site for research and class projects. It's quite an honor to be able to provide a service like this.

You may notice affiliate banners on our site, we ask you to support us by making your purchases through our site but are commissions from these programs are considerably less than our bandwidth expenses. What you will find not find on our site is pop up or under advertisements, unexpected sound bytes, or other annoying features that many web sites have had to result to just to stay online.

All of the information on our web site is free, lets keep it that way! As more and more Web sites are charging to view their "premium information or archives" information is free on our web site. If we cannot sustain a free site through donations and affiliate programs, we will be forced to change to a pay per view model.

You will never be asked to register to view any portion of our site. We don't use any type of spy ware or track statistics on our users.

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