Gary Leon Ridgway: Girlfriends
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A high-school friend of Gary Ridgway's in the mid 1960s, Terry Rochelle, recalled going to school dances with Ridgway and his older brother, Greg . Greg was active in school but Gary "was the one that was always just the opposite ... he wasn't someone that would really stand out." Ridgway had a mischievous streak, "The guy in class that's going to always be in trouble, that'd be Gary. Not a bad guy, just always in trouble. All he had to do was open his mouth and he'd be in trouble." In school. A former girlfriend said Ridgway viewed prostitutes as "things" to be used.

"Girlfriend A," told police Ridgway took her to a campground near Cle Elum, where he tied her to wooden stakes driven into the ground while he used nylon rope to tie her wrists and ankles to the stakes. She later was released.

At a "Parents without Partners" dance on Christmas Eve 1981, he sat down next to his girlfriend, "Girlfriend B, " very upset about something. He said he nearly killed a woman. She asked him to repeat what he said. He couldn't believe it himself, but he'd almost killed a woman. She said he repeated this several times. Before Ridgway could elaborate, other people sat down at their table. Ridgway never mentioned the incident again.

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