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DOJ's Already Monitoring Modems - Officials revealed they are making use of the electronic surveillance powers granted under the USA Patriot Act recently signed into law. At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, assistant attorney general Michael Chertoff said the power to obtain information without court allowed the Justice Department to investigate more thoroughly. He added it was helping to bring law enforcement and intelligence investigations closer together. Cable modem users can be monitored without the permission of a judge. Section 211 of the act alters federal law so cable operators can disclose subscribers' identifiable information to government agencies. Chertoff said the government has the power to obtain court orders for logging information from out of district ISPs.

The booming science -- and business -- of computer forensics. With a new wave of tools and techniques for computer criminals to crack into corporate networks, government experts expect 2001 to bring more computer crime than ever before.

Catching Crooks With Computers - Law enforcement agencies are increasingly turning to new, high-tech weapons like computers and digital imaging systems to fight the war on crime. American City & County

2003 Guide to Computer and Internet Crimes and Cybercrime: Hacking, Intellectual Property Crimes, Policy, Cases, Guidance, Laws, Documents, Web Crimes, Targets (Core Federal Information Series CD-ROM) by U.S. Government -- This comprehensive CD-ROM provides the work of the Justice Department on computer crime and intellectual property crimes and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), national critical infrastructure threat assessment, warning, vulnerability, law enforcement investigation and response entity, providing timely warnings of international threats, comprehensive analysis and law enforcement investigation and response. Topics include: The new and revised Electronic Search and Seizure Manual (Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations, July 2002) NIPC - Information Sharing, Legal Issues, Warnings, Publications, Major Investigations, Incident Reports. Legal Issues of Electronic Commerce Encryption and Computer Crime Federal Code Related to Cybercrime Intellectual Property Crime International Aspects of Computer Crime Privacy issues in the High-Tech Context Prosecuting Crimes Facilitated by Computers and the Internet Protecting Critical Infrastructures Cyberethics and Cyberethics for Kids. Nearly 9,000 pages allowing direct viewing on Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. Reader software is included. Our CD-ROMs are privately compiled collections of official public domain US government files and documents. They present thousands of pages that can be rapidly reviewed, searched, or printed. Vast archives of important public domain government information that might otherwise remain inaccessible. A great reference work and educational tool. There is no other reference as fast, convenient, comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and portable.


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