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Investigative Reports - Rage In The Air -- Looks at travelers' increasing unhappiness with the airline industry, and why some outraged passengers have even attacked airline personnel during flights. Bill Kurtis shows how airline business practices, such as overbooking and bumping of passengers, have added to travelers' stress level.

Woman's Inhumanity to Woman
Phyllis Chesler
Silence has prevailed about woman's inhumanity to woman. While women may not act aggressively in the same way that men do, studies confirm that girls and women are aggressive in "indirect" ways mainly toward each other. They judge each other harshly, in life, on juries, hold grudges, gossip about, exclude and disconnect from other women. Women envy and compete against each other, not against men.

City Confidential - Las Vegas: Deadly Jackpot Las Vegas remains a place born into crime, built by the Mob as a gambler's mecca. Even today, the gambling and casinos are the biggest attraction. Larry Volk knew the truth about Vegas-that the big payout is rarely fulfilled. A programmer for a gaming machine company, he was ordered to rig video poker machines so they would never deliver big-money winnings to the players. And when the authorities discovered the scam, Volk was tapped to be the star witness for the prosecution. But before his court appearance, he was killed by Mob wannabeacquaintances.

Hostage Takers -- The situations where an armed assailant is holding innocent people hostage are among the most difficult in all of law enforcement. From the Hanafi siege of three Washington DC buildings in 1977 to the 12- hour standoff at an Alabama elementary school in 1988. Trained negotiators reveal the approaches they use to end the standoffs, while SWAT commanders taking control of these situations by force. Relive famous cases through interviews with former hostages, and explore the phenomenon of hostages who end up feeling sympathy for their captors.

Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon by Chuck Palahniuk -- Palahniuk takes you through the streets, sewers, and local haunts of Portland, Oregon. According to Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love, Portland is the home of America's "fugitives and refugees." Get to know the "crackpots" on an adventure through parts of Portland to "a little history, a little legend, and a lot of fascinating people who maybe should've kept their mouths shut." Here are strange personal museums, weird annual events, and ghost stories. Tour the tunnels under downtown Portland. Visit swingers' sex clubs, gay and straight. Look into strange local customs. Learn how to talk like a local.

Guns, Crime, and Punishment in America
by Bernard E. Harcourt, Eyal E. Ziser
Guns, Crime, and Punishment in America assembles a diverse group of the nation's leading authorities on guns and gun violence to present the most up-to-date research currently available. Exploring such controversial issues as gun- tracing initiatives, the possible extension of the Brady Bill, gun-oriented policing, federal law enforcement initiatives such as "Project Exile," and civil litigation against gun manufacturers, Guns, Crime, and Punishment in America embarks upon a more balanced and nuanced discussion about firearms. Though the book's contributors operate from a wide variety of political perspectives and methodological approaches, a central desire unifies the book: to end the extreme polarization that currently characterizes the debate on guns, and generate reasonable and practical gun policies in the US.

A frightening account of the violent gun culture in Miami, and a trip up the Investigative Reports: Firearms Freeway to New York City to look at the tragic effects of interstate gun trafficking.

Investigative Reports: Intimate Deception -- A look at how bigamists get away with preying on vulnerable women. Features stories of a handsome model who was married to four women at the same time, and another man who married three women in a year while already married to a fourth.



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A Public Health Approach to the Violence Epidemic In the United States Violence is among the biggest health threats in the United States. Interpersonal violence has invaded homes, schools, and streets everywhere, reaching what public health experts now conclude are epidemic proportions. Everyone is affected, but the group most affected is youth.

Interview with "Subway Vigilante" Bernhard Goetz

Gun Control -- After the Columbine school massacre, many legislators called for renewed efforts to limit the sale of handguns, particularly to minors.

A matchmaker faces fraud charges, but are all dating services bad? An insider tells all.

Private Eyes -- TV shows and movies glorify the occupation, but the reality is that private investigators are hard-working stiffs who prosper via persistence and perseverance

Diane Whipple -- A 33-year-old lacrosse coach, was killed by her neighbor's dogs in the hallway of her apartment building in SF. The dogs' owner, Marjorie Knoller claimed she tried to stop the dogs.

Red Zone: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the San Francisco Dog Mauling by Aphrodite Jones
January 2001, Diane Alexis Whipple bled to death in the hallway of her apartment building when mauled by two Presa Canarios, a vicious breed of attack dog imported from the Canary Islands. Jones shows the mauling was part of a story involving obsession, bestiality, and illegal dog rings. The neighbors, lawyers Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel, were keeping the dogs for a leader of the prison gang the Aryan Brotherhood, Paul "Cornfed" Schneider.

In dressing rooms of department stores, there are signs posted. SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED. Shoplifting costs retail millions annually, which you pay. Thieves take things because they're worth money or useful. Kleptomaniacs don't steal all the time and they don't steal everything. They go years between episodes. Kleptomaniacs steal on impulse. They feel tension before the theft, and pleasure or relief at the theft. 3 arrests of star-studded shoplifters: Hedy Lamarr, Bess Myerson, and Winona Ryder. The 1988 scandal of Bess Myerson, Miss America 1945. She faced charges for bribery and conspiracy for hiring a judge's daughter to influence the judge to rule for her lover in his divorce.

17 people found dead in a truck's trailer. They were among the illegal immigrants locked in for a trip to Houston. Two others died later. Karla Patricia Chvez left her home in Honduras when she was 15, guided across the Mexican border by immigrant smugglers to seek a more prosperous life in the US.

is sitting at a conference table across from his newly hired public relations agent trying to explain how he lost his life. In less than a year, Bob Eisen 's gone from being the man to call to make things happen in Boca Raton to the man to pity, even scorn. He's lost his license to practice law, his reputation, his spotless record, millions of dollars and he may lose his freedom on charges that he stole from a trust account to fuel his gambling habit.

When does a snapshot of a mother breast-feeding her child become kiddie porn?

During the mid to late '70s, as a photography professor at Cornell University, was scorned by friends, accused of child pornography and fired after exhibiting photographs of her son, husband and father inlaw in the nude that showed close upsof the men's penises and testicles, her husband with an erection, and son in natural, childlike self exploration. The chair of the art faculty told her she could not photograph male genitalia and stay at Cornell.

Why are women drawn to men behind bars? Ian Huntley, the man charged with the Soham murders, gets bundles of fan mail every day. Meanwhile, more than 100 British women are engaged or married to men on death row in the US.

True Stories of Crimes Committed by Clumsy Crooks and Foolish Felons

For those not lucky enough to be born here, the American Dream commands a hefty price-sometimes life itself.

Dominick Dunne says the rich and famous are different from ordinary folks especially when it comes to crime. Dunne June 25, 2002 -- Dunne's Book:

Justice: Crimes, Trials, and Punishments -- A Father's Account of the Trial of His Daughter's Killer

The End Of The Dream -- Thanksgiving eve, 1996, in Seattle, the biggest bank robbery in US history was under way. The robbers fled with over $1.08 million. The heist was linked to a charismatic robber, known as "Hollywood," who had eluded police for 4 years, robbing 18 banks, but this was his last. -- A Modern-day Robin Hood -- The Dream Unravels Read Chapter 1 of Ann Rule's book on the Scott Scurlock case: 'The End of a Dream' -- Part I -- Part II

Knife culture

Soldier of Fortune Magazine, Inc. appeals a $9.4 million jury verdict against it in a wrongful death action brought by the son and mother of a murder victim. Soldier of Fortune acted gross negligence publishing a classified advertisement for an assassin to kill her.

David James Sydney Gottfried was born in the Republic of Ireland, but moved to South London as a child in 1939 and started using the name Godfried. He appeared in juvenile court at 12. He was twice jailed for robbery in the 50's. In 1963 he stole a van, assaulted and robbed a 60-year-old woman. He became an international double-dealer as the owner of a casino and nightclub. His deals involved fake scotch, violent hookers, counterfeit money, mobsters, diamonds, Swiss banks, and scams against Americans. His younger brother James Eric Gottfried, a serial rapist and murderer hung himself in a Greek jail in 1987. Gottfried has been on the FBI's wanted list since 1989 for a million-dollar bank fraud run by the Mafia.

The Master Con Man: The True Adventures of Slippery Syd Gottfried by Robert Kyriakides

Near my house we had drive-by killings, run-by killings, sneak-up killings, gunfights and battles, car chases. We had drug killings, vengeance killings, killing of witnesses, accidental killings, and killings that enforce values. We have had so many killings that our own values have been blasted askew.

Robert A. Amico, his wife Barbara, and their sons, Robert J., Gregory L. and Richard N., built, marketed, arranged financing and sold over 230 houses in 9 NY towns. Over half of the properties sold at twice their market values. A federal grand jury indicted 9 people and a mortgage brokerage firm on charges related to building scheme. The 9 defendants pleaded guilty in exchange for testifying against the Amicos.

The men and women at the Elizabeth Detention Center 8 miles from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island have no known criminal records. They are émigrés who arrived at Kennedy and Newark airports without proper documents, requesting asylum. Some have been held for 2 years. The center had a riot over inhumane treatment 4 years ago.

The hatred many Americans expressed for John Walker Lindh seems to go beyond his actual crimes.

Violence at Mardi Gras -- Seattle -- 5 nights of Mardi Gras 2001 degenerated into into rioting, vandalism and brutal assaults. Chaos consumed Pioneer Square on "Fat Tuesday" and one man was mortally wounded.

Oswald: A brother's burden -- Robert Oswald has stood steadfastly by his family name in the shadow of that infamous day in Dallas.

In 1965 Valerie Solanas wrote "Up Your Ass" and asked Andy Warhol to produce it; he lost her script. 3 years later, paranoid and delusional, Solanas stalked him and shot him in the chest. He survived but never fully recovered. He died in 1987, partly due to complications from the wounds he had suffered 19 years.

Shoplifting For Thrills -- Winona Ryder. After a week long trial and a little more than a day of jury deliberations, Ryder was found guilty of two felonies, grand theft and vandalism at a Saks Fifth Avenue store. Defense attorney, Mark Geragos, called 4 witnesses. Ryder's trial focused attention on those who shoplift. Prosecutor Ann Rundle said probation, community service and restitution are probable penalties for Ryder. Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters Anonymous (CASA).

Tonya Harding

Revisiting Famous Crimes

Cruising for A Bruising -- Japan's salary menhave become targets of jokes, jeers-and assaults.

Crime is the #1 issue in America today, but violent crime rates are dropping. Does this mean that the worst is behind us, or the calm before the storm?

Impostor targets female athletes -- Posing as reporter, he deceives collegians nationwide.

How could 28 watercolors that were almost certainly not authentic Georgia O'Keeffe paintings sell for $5 million to hang on the walls of a Kansas City museum?

Can the sum of our ideas be reduced to "intellectual property"? Or should all information, all knowledge, be set free? What is at stake in the legislative battle over the ownership of culture? The Atlantic Monthly Company

Should the People Who Raised Matthew Propp Go to Jail for Kidnapping Him?

More Rights Made Us Less Free -- Due process has run amok, smothering the abilities of authorities to follow their instincts and get things done. The Atlantic Monthly

Will global warming inflame our tempers? -- Over the last 10 years, hot temperatures caused increases in aggressive, violent behavior, including violent crime. On average there were 215 murders and assaults per 100,000 people each year 1950 - 1995. For every 1% Fahrenheit increase the murder and assault rate per 100,000 increased 3.68, with 270 million people, that translates to about 9,900 more murders and assaults.

On November 25, 1999 a five-year-old Cuban boy, Elian Gonzalez,was rescued from the shark-infested waters off Florida. He soon became the focus of a social and political firestorm that would transfix the U.S. and rock Miami's Cuban-American community to its core.

A heartwarming tale of Christmas in a foreign land where, if you've been naughty, Saint Nick and his friends give you an ass-whuppin'

An examination of the life of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, his cases, and his controversial fight for doctor-assisted suicide.

Crime Articles from The Atlantic Monthly -- Archives and related links.

Crime Magazine - True crime: organized crime, celebrity crime, serial killers, corruption, sex crimes, capital punishment, prisons, assassinations, justice issues, crime books, crime films and crime studies.

Anne Marie Smith Discusses Her Relationship With Gary Condit

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City Confidential - Dallas: Arsenic And Old Money Dallas Park Cities, where the city's richest citizens live, attorney Richard Lyon rushed his wife Nancy from home to the emergency room in January, 1991. She died and the coroner's report proved she was poisoned with arsenic. Her father began pressing for a murder conviction against his son-in-law, but the trial suggested that Nancy may have killed herself and framed her husband in a ploy for revenge.

Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence edited by Randall Lockwood and Frank R. Ascione -- Despite decades of scientific research, we are only beginning to understand the roots of violence that connect child maltreatment, spouse and partner abuse, and aggression in our neighborhoods and communities. Cruelty to animals is often part of these landscapes of violence-at times, a strong link to destructive interpersonal relationships. .

American Justice: Hiding in Plain -- After 28 years, authorities finally catch up with one-time student radical Howard Mechanic, the first person sentenced under the Civil Obedience Act in 1970 for lobbing cherry bombs at cops at an anti-war rally. While on the lam, he ran a health food business and apartment hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he was caught when he ran for city council. Behind bars for crimes he didn't commit, some call Mechanic one of the last casualties of the Vietnam War.

City Confidential: Ruthton - Tragedy
In 1983, two bankers were murdered on a secluded Minnesota farm. Their deaths and the lives of their troubled killers shocked the small town of Ruthton and became a disputed national symbol for the farm crisis of the early 1980's.

Con Men: Fascinating Profiles of Swindlers and Rogues from the Files of the Most Successful Broadcast in Television History
by 60 Minutes
60 Minutes exposes a group of swindlers and rogues: extraordinary characters of ABSCAM, pyramid-scheme millionaires and stock-market crooks, snake-oil salesmen and art forgers. Many of them are diabolical -- all of them are intriguing. Kirby Hensley, the illiterate purveyor of church ministries to millions via mail-order; Clifford Irving, who fabricated Howard Hughes's "autobiography" for hundreds of thousands of dollars; the Reverend R. J. Rudd, promised a cure for cancer; Sante and Kenneth Kimes, the notorious mother and son grifters convicted of murdering wealthy Manhattanite Irene Silverman; and John Ackah Blay-Miezah, who claimed to hold the key to a fortune convinced others to put up millions. These and other stories brought to life by the bite and humor of 60 Minutes. Featuring an introduction by Mike Wallace, with insights into the coverage of cons, and intriguing updates on the outcome of each of the stories.

City Confidential Ket West Pirates in Paradise Mel Fisher was the most famous treasure hunter in the world. He discovered the 17th century Spanish Galleon Atocha making him a millionaire and folk hero in Key West, where he moved when he took up the hunt full time. But thirteen years after his discovery, a police raid reveals how Fisher was undone by a friend who gave him counterfeit coins. Defeated, Fisher pled no contest to the charges and agreed to reimburse customers, but died of cancer weeks later.

The Challenge of Crime: Rethinking Our Response
by Henry S. Ruth, Kevin R. Reitz
The history, scope, and effects of the revolution in America's crime response since 1970. Ruth and Reitz offer a comprehensive approach to increase public understanding of and find improvements in the nation's response to crime.

VHS Nova: Hunt for the Serial Arsonist (1995)

American Justice: Heidi Fleiss

Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam

Pandering -- Heidi Fleiss

Investigative Reports: Stolen Identity -- Using stolen credit cards and driver's license numbers, thieves are breaking into citizens' bank accounts. Bill Kurtis shows you how to protect your money and your good name.

Bombs - New Bomb Makers -- Bombs are the fastest growing lethal weapon deployed, there has been an 425% increase in the bombings in America in 1995 alone, there were over 3,000 incidents. Discover how bombs have been embraced by amateurs and political or protest are behind only 1% of American bombings. These are not terrorist attacks, the bomber is likely to be a spurned lover, an irate employee or a vengeful neighbor. From letter bombs and a look at the Unabomber and the Oklahoma City tragedy to little-known incidents nationwide.

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