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Crime and Punishment in America by Elliott Currie

Crisis in American Institutions (11th Edition) by Jerome H. Skolnick (Editor), Elliott Currie (Editor)

"If legislators and citizens absorbed Currie's sound policy alternatives, they might stop lurching down the path he shows is departing more and more 'from both science and common sense.'" --Daniel J. Rothman, The New York Times Book Review

Currie's Crime and Punishment in America presents a dizzying array of research and statistics that demythologizes the criminal justice policies that have dominated the national debate over the past two decades. He offers compelling evidence against the charge that the justice system is extremely lenient. The assertion that increased incarceration is cost effective is convincingly disproved. -- The Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, Barry Krisberg

Crisis in American Institutions provides an array of engaging articles on important topics. Consistently introducing framing material, an analytical introductory chapter emphasizes the role of institutions, while concise chapter openers help introduce specific topics. Authors chose articles that reflect America's social problems and encourage readers to think seriously about them. A proven winner with faculty and students alike, this new edition stands poised to continue its record of popularity in social problems. For anyone interested in social problems, American society, or social work.
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Crime and Punishment in America
Crime and Punishment in America

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