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Amy Grossberg & Brian Peterson

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Always in Our Hearts by Doug Most -- The story of Brian Peterson and Amy Grossman.

Brian Peterson and Amy Grossberg went to a motel to give birth to a baby boy and kill it. The baby suffered multiple skull fractures caused by blunt trauma and shaking.

Amy stated she wanted the pregnancy to “go away ... Why won’t it just go away? Haven’t we suffered enough? What did we do to deserve this? All I want is for it to go away. I can’t get caught.

She was convicted of manslaughter and received a suspended sentence of 2 1/2 years with credit given for 64 days she served in prison. Brian Peterson – Conspired with Amy Grossberg to kill his newborn infant son. He admits to throwing a dead baby into a trash can. No one, except them knows who committed the critical blow to their baby.

July 9, 1998, in Wilmington, Del., Grossberg received 2 1/2 years; Peterson, who cooperated with prosecutors received a suspended sentence of 2 years.

Delaware v. Grossberg and Peterson Grossberg To Serve Two-and-Half Years; Peterson Receives Two-Year Sentence


Amy’s Law - Bill A-6, the "New Jersey Safe Haven Protection Act," was introduced on May 22, 2000. Jack Collins, as Acting Governor, signed it into law on July 7th. A-6 should be called "Amy’s Law," after Amy Grossberg, who, with the help of her boyfriend Brian Peterson, threw her newborn baby boy in a motel trash dumpster in Delaware. The Safe Havens Protection Act is supposed to give these girls an alternative to killing their babies. Under this law, a parent can anonymously deliver, or arrange the delivery of, a baby that appears to be no more than 30 days old, without expressing an intent to return, to a police station or the emergency department of a hospital no questions asked. That’s it. The parent just drops the baby off, walks away, and is no longer a parent.

Attorneys invoke Jewish law in case of accused baby killer to prevent her parents from testifying. The action by the attorneys for Amy Grossberg raises questions about the standing of halachah, Jewish law, vis…vis the statutes of a sovereign state.

Brian Peterson Jr., 22, was arrested at Shea Stadium in Flushing, NY, during a game between the Braves and the New York Mets. He was 8 months into a 2-year probation term and a violation could have landed him in jail. Police say Peterson shouted obscenities at officers and tried to block the arrest of his friend, Raymond Maniaci, who was accused of throwing a bottle at Rocker as he jogged from the bullpen to pitch against the Mets. Rocker had been targeted by fans for insulting comments he had made about minorities, gays and women in a published interview.

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